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A Security Officer’s Role in Fire Safety and Prevention

by Hassan

A security officer is primarily tasked with the responsibility of proving security to any type of building or establishment, particularly in the prevention of incidents of theft and damages to property at all times. But other than providing security, another important role of a security officer is to ensure that the building or establishment he is working in is free from any risks of fires and various natural events. The role of a security officer is to ensure the safety of people, property and premises. A security officer is also responsible for the maintenance of security and surveillance equipment, facilities and the premises. Fire safety is the responsibility of all of us. Fire prevention is the responsibility of every individual. Fire safety is not a matter of chance. It is a very serious issue. We can’t live without fire and we must be prepared for it. Security officers are one of the first responders in case of any fire. They should be trained to deal with fire and they should be equipped with the required tools and equipment to control a fire.

The best Security Officer is highly trained not only to provide safety and security services to buildings and establishments but also to provide immediate actions and responses in case of damaging events, particularly fires. Knowing the fact that fires can cause massive damage to properties and risks to the lives of the people inside, it is best to hire the most competent fire watch contractors who can detect any hazards of fire and prevent its occurrence as early and extensive as possible.

Why Hire Such Kind Of Security Officer?

It will be quite an asset to get the most qualified and competent security officer who can provide the most immediate and effective response for various situations that can endanger the lives of people and damage the properties. Since these officers are mostly on the lookout for situations at all times, they must have the knowledge and skills to take the appropriate action in case any fire-related hazard breaks out.

What the Best Security Officer Does

The most competent security officer has the capacity to prevent any outbreak of fire or even any risks of fire in the building or premises. Whether it is from the fixed location or on patrol, the best security officer will always be on a lookout to inspect all the facilities that may cause fires, such as electrical outlets and heating equipment that may cause sparks and uncontrolled emission of heat energy, which are common in fire-related hazards.

Aside from inspecting electrical devices and heating sources, security officers also inspect the different devices and equipment that are commonly used for fire safety and prevention, such as fire extinguishers and fire alarms. They will make sure that these devices and equipment are not expired and damaged, and will always be in good working condition to be used at any time in case of any unprecedented events.

In addition to that, the best security officer will make sure at all times that the corridors and other pathways all over the building and other nearby premises are cleared of any type of obstruction, so that the people can quickly evacuate the building in case of fire hazards. Also, they will always make sure that the exit doors are clear of any obstructions and easy to open so that these doors can be accessed easily and immediately by people in case of evacuation.

The second thing that the best security officer can do to detect and prevent fires at buildings is to take the right and appropriate measures and actions in the case that a fire-related incident breaks out for the purpose of minimizing its after-effects. The moment that the fire alarm goes off, the security officer will be the one to confirm visually the source of the said alarm, to check if there is indeed a fire incident going on. This can be done either by going to the location itself or verifying it through the CCTV camera in the area. But in case the guard was able to detect the fire before the alarm even goes off, it has to be activated manually as there is a chance that it is not functioning properly.

After doing so, the security officer will be making several phone calls, starting with the fire department in the area where the building is located, right before calling all the authorities concerned. Once the supervisor has been informed of such an incident, all of the security officers will be working along to make sure that safety will be maintained at all times in the building and the surrounding areas before the fire and emergency services arrive.

The third and last thing that the best security officer does with regard to fire-related incidents in buildings is evacuation, as all the security officers are trained in the right and effective process of doing so. If the fire happens in a public or highly crowded place or building such as a shopping mall or government office, the process of evacuation will be quite tough to carry out.

In this case, the most competent and trained security officer will be the one to direct the people to the closest emergency exit, which must be accessible and clear of any obstructions, to save as many lives as possible during the incident. This is why every single pathway, window, and exit must be easily accessible and clear of any blockages to ensure ease in evacuation in case of fire, prevent damage in proprieties, and save all the lives at risk. 

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