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Fun Things to Make with the Kids at Halloween

Fun Things to Make with the Kids at Halloween

Halloween is always a fun holiday to get involved with, and if you have kids, no doubt they will want to celebrate the spooky season in style. While they might be preoccupied with what their costume will be this year, there are plenty of other fun things you can do together, such as decorating the house, carving pumpkins, playing games, and even some themed baking. Look for more easy applicable ideas on myfestivefinds.com. Below are some suggestions of the best things to make with your kids for this October to get you into the magic of Halloween.

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Whether you’re planning to have your kid’s friends over for a party or you want to enjoy some themed drinks as a family, make some non-alcoholic cocktails. You can use grenadine to make blood-red cocktails that would be fit for a vampire. A punch bowl with some creepy eyeballs or other bloody body parts floating around in there would also be a fun beverage to serve up. For something a little bit cozier as you all settle down to watch your favorite scary movie, why not try some mulled apple juice instead?

Halloween Cookies

Cookies will always go down well and are perfect to make with the kids at any time of year, so why not make some Halloween-themed cookies on or around the holiday? They can be a great movie snack or can be shared with their friends at a party or for trick or treating. If you want to encourage your kids to be more artistic or want to test your cookie decorating skills yourself, why not invest in some stylish Halloween stencils to use?

Candy Apples

Candy apples are everywhere at this time of year, and this classic treat could be a fun activity to make with the kids at the weekend. However, it is a riskier snack to make as hot sugar can be very dangerous, so only do this if you’re confident in your skills and keep the kids well away from the melted sugar! While you might take control of this aspect of making candy apples, the kids can dip their apples in chocolate, sprinkles, or other edible decoration to make them unique to them.

Coffin Mini Pizzas

If you are looking for savory snacks to make and enjoy together as a family, why not make some mini coffin pizzas? These should be easy enough to do as you cut the dough into a coffin shape and let the kids choose the toppings they want. You could even spell out ‘R.I.P’ in cheese or the toppings if you wanted to!

Spider Cupcakes

Cupcakes are other sweet treats that will always be a good choice and are easy to make with the kids. You could choose to make chocolate cupcakes for a rich, dark look and texture, and decorate the tops in spider webs. If spiders aren’t your thing, you can choose virtually any Halloween theme you want for your cupcakes and change the color of the sponge and frosting accordingly.

If you’re looking for some fun things to make with the kids this Halloween, consider the suggestions above and see which ones take their fancy.

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