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Gold Wedding Bands Has Always Been the First Choice of Men 

by Hassan

Wedding bands are one of the most essential components in unifying two people for a lifetime. Women have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to wedding rings but the same cannot be said for men as they have a limited choice. There are times when the choice may be inadequate to an extent where they have to make do with what is available whether they like it or not because weddings are considered to be incomplete without a band. But this is a modern world and your choices are no longer limited to offline shops. Aydin’s understands that men love to be selective of their purchases too and that is why they offer a wide collection of mens gold wedding bands that are modern, stylish, and scratch-resistant. 

Historical Significance of Wedding Bands 

Wedding bands are not just worn because they are trendy or stylish. They have a profound significance and are symbolic of the lifetime union of two hearts. It also serves as a witness that they are married and reminds them of their new commitments and responsibilities. The circle that characterized wedding bands is symbolic of eternity and represents no beginning and no end. Although this belief finds its origins in Egyptians, it is now a widespread belief and a common practice. The wide space in between the circle is considered to be the gateway of things known and unknown. Once the bride and bridegroom exchange wedding ring by slipping them into each other’s fingers, their union commences.

Even though exchanging a simple gold wedding band may be an age-old practice, it is the beginning of a new future too. The wedding band is placed on the ring finger, the veins of which are believed to be connected directly to the heart. Even though medical research challenged this belief, the practice remains prevalent. 

Why do men prefer gold wedding rings?

Whether it is for traditional practices or to keep up with the trends, you may find many people flaunting gold rings. They have become a popular choice of wedding band metal among men too. Various reasons contribute to this popularity, some of which are as follows. 

  • Fashion Statement: Having a good financial status is something that has always been favored by society. No other metal is as symbolic of a stable and secure financial status as gold. They have a polished finish and gloss to them which makes the wearer appear sophisticated and elegant. Along with flashing a classy look, the increasing popularity of mens gold wedding rings can also be attributed to their ability to help men make an impressive fashion statement. Kings and queens are always spotted wearing gold crowns and this has made people view gold as belonging to the exclusive and elite category.
  • Health Benefits: This may strike as a surprise to you but wearing a gold ring has many benefits for your health. For ages, gold is believed to possess healing properties and this belief has stuck through the ages. Gold can increase blood flow and improve blood circulation. It is also known to enhance the flow of oxygen throughout the body. It regulates body temperature and boosts immunity. 
  • Spiritual Benefits: The warm yellowish glow of a 14k gold wedding band has the power to produce warm energy that immediately relaxes the wearer. It produces soothing vibrations and helps you to calm down. They can keep negative energy at bay so that your union with your partner can be filled with love and positivity. 
  • Golden Glow: You may have noticed a couple of times that gold can immediately transfer a beautiful glow to the wearer’s complexion. When your ring finger owns a golden wedding band, it immediately adds a certain glow to it. If you are wondering about the sign finance of this golden glow, it has been emphasized because the glow is hard to go unnoticed which immediately allows other people to be aware of the wearer’s relationship status. 

Much of why gold wedding bands are the preferred choice of men can be owed to tradition too. Since the evolution of the practice of exchanging wedding rings, gold rings have been used and this practice seems to have continued to the modern culture too. 

Final Thoughts 

Weddings are the start of a new chapter in your life. It is the commencement of a future that is welcomed by performing rituals of the past. Sticking to the same, exchanging gold wedding rings is necessary. To make the experience worthwhile, choosing a good quality plain gold wedding band you can find online at Aydin’s is recommended. 

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