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Do You Know What Type of Plastic Lotion Bottles Are Made of?

by Hassan

Plastics have been bringing reliable solutions for all sorts of products in every business. There are countless possibilities with plastic as they can be shaped into jars, lotion bottles, cosmetic packaging, dispensing pumps, etc. The usage of plastic in lotion bottles manufacturers is another innovative idea that can be available as the next big selling market product. Plastic packaging serves all sorts of lotion bottles creation and packaging needs and maintains effective sustainability levels. 

Why Plastic Material For Lotion Bottles Matters?

Once you’ve decided to store and package the lotion material in the empty Lotion Bottles wholesale, choosing the right kind of plastic is mandatory. You wouldn’t want to end up in a situation where the product has reacted with the plastic material and become a waste. 

Natural lotions & skincare products come loaded with fatty acids, oils, surfactants, that are highly reactive. Along with that, the bad quality lotion bottles tend to break easily and could damage the product. Hence, for your product safety and better customer experience, plastic material is crucial for lotion bottles. 

Preferred Plastic Types for Lotion Bottles wholesale

1. Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Commonly known as PETE or Polyester, Polyethylene Terephthalate is one of the widely used plastic materials for lotion bottles. Various other cosmetic and liquid-containing bottles are also created using the same plastic material. PET is used in empty lotion Bottles wholesale manufacturers along with the combination of glass fiber for engineering resins. 

Its popularity is also because it can act as a barrier between the plastic and liquid inside. The lotion or liquid remains safe from any sort of chemical interference or deterioration. It is clear plastic and seems to be just as similar as glass in the majority of cases. There can be any color lotion bottles if PET is being used in manufacture. It is also one other reason why the majority of companies prefer to use this plastic for cosmetic bottles. The PET comes with the potential of squeezability and is very lightweight to use and carry. To store your lotion or liquid items with strong plastic material, PET using bottles can be a perfect choice. 

2. Polypropylene Plastic (PP)

Polypropylene Plastic is free from BPA and fully recyclable. It has received huge recognition and preference from lotion bottles manufacturers. The reason being it is a thermoplastic polymer that comes in very handy for packaging and labeling lotion bottles. PP plastic bottles are rugged and highly resistant to many chemical solvents, acids, or bases. 

3. Polyvinyl chloride Plastic (PVC)

It is one of the third-most widely chosen plastic materials when it comes to manufacturing empty lotion bottles wholesale. The popularity of PVC plastic can be easily understood with the fact that you’ll find every other plastic bottle created using PVC. It is a synthetic plastic polymer available in both flexible and rigid forms. The rigid form of PVC plastic is suitable for the construction bottles while the flexible form is used to manufacture bulk lotion bottles wholesale. 

4. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is quite famous for its strength & durability. Being resistant to acids & other impurities, the material is perfect for the bulk Lotion Bottles wholesale manufacture. The products with solvents and high oil content can remain safe in such bottles. 

However, HDPE plastic material is not transparent. You can use them in the creation of lotion bottles of multiple colors. It is the easiest plastic to recycle & has loads of other uses even after it is used in other products. 

5. Glass Plastic

Glass is also one of the widely preferred plastic materials by lotion bottles manufacturers. While these can be expensive compared with the other options, a lot of companies are preferring them because of the benefits. You can have the perfect look and feel along with dark glass bottles that are excellent to keep the lotion. However, these are easily breakable and hence must be used with caution. The manufacturers can include countless colors in glass plastic lotion bottles. 

6. Metal Plastic

Metal plastic comes with a great look but requires a special coating on the lotion bottles. The lotion bottles suppliers must be ready to check the product in the metal container before actually using the lotion bottles. The metal-plastic materials are rust-free and are strong as well. So using this as the plastic bottle material is going to keep the material safe. The lid-lining & coating on the lotion bottles saves the product from catching any impurities. 

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