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Instagram for Business: 6 Tips to Grow Your Audience

by James
Instagram for Business

If you want to use Instagram for business then you should have to think about your own experience with this app. You should enjoy watching the amazing feeds. These Feeds are a mix of your friends, family, content creators, animals and brands posts. No one told you to follow these business accounts; you have chosen it according to your personal interest. Whenever you see a post on Instagram you actively watch and continue to follow them on Instagram. 

But Why?

When you use instagram for your business then you should ask yourself as a customer? Why do you follow this account and how is it beneficial for me? 

Here are some tremendous tips to promote your business on Instagram.

Decide why you are using Instagram for business

When using any type of marking channel. It’s important to have a business goal and you must be dedicated to achieve it.  Instagram is not a different social media channel as compared to other marketing channels. If you are planning to invest your valuable time to promote your business on Instagram then ask “What do you want to achieve?”

Here are the common instagram business goal are”

  • Increase the awareness of your brand
  • Community Build up
  • Showcase the value of your company and its culture
  • Sell services and products

If these are not your goal then you can write it down and continue to monitor them. 

Optimize your profile

It’s important to customise your profile. Think your profile is a homepage of your business. You can write about your business, link and add some buttons to attract the attention of the customers. It will help to add a good impression of your business.  

Apart from that, you can switch your account in the Instagram business account. Instagram business adds various types of offers and extra features like track content performance and sell on Instagram. 

One more thing, you can add a profile picture of your business. This will help your brand to easily recognise it when anyone visits your profile. 

Find Your Visual aesthetic

Visuals play an important role in instagram but it’s important to know which one visual is right for your business page. Think about what aesthetic is good for your business theme. You can also take the help of the branding agency or freelancer to your business theme design. 

Pay attention to your colour pattern which you plan to add to your business photos. You can select a different colour pattern which can represent your business.

Apart from that, content is also playing an important role in your instagram photos so it’s important to choose the related content with different colour combinations to represent the text on the photos.

Post Consistently

If you make yourself a regular posting schedule on instagram helps you to grow your business on the instagram. It will also help to show up the post in the target audience timeline for a short time period. Instagram shows the content to each person they are most likely to enjoy. 

Instagram algorithms use machine learning to continuously study each person’s activity according to their timeline. So it’s important to post content regularly to help you show up your feed to others and give more chances to engage with it. 

You can also check out the top instagram influencer profile to know more. 

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to categorize your content on the social media platform. Apart from that, this will help to find the related content related to this theme. 

It’s difficult to organize, group or hashtags on the Instagram. You can make an online sheet and save hashtags and groups. It will help to save your time before publishing the post.

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Engage your Community

Using instagram for business doesn’t mean a sales pitch. Instagram is a social media app and you should learn to socialize.

For example if anyone shares personal thoughts with you it’s important to respond to them. This also applies to instagram. Responding to the comments is one of the best ways to strengthen your community on the instagram.


For your business goals, Instagram is a powerful social media app that can connect you to millions of potential customers. So, this is the perfect time to start an Instagram for business account to grow your audience.

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