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Buying followers is forbidden! 3 guaranteed ways to increase real Instagram followers

by Moeen

Creating an Instagram page and starting from scratch is hard work, isn’t it?

Where do we get followers? Is there anyone other than the ten or twenty people around us who like our posts?

Fortunately, the era of follower and liking robots is over. :) Let us ease your mind … these bots only increase the number of your followers or likes and have no benefit for you!

You need to find a way to get valuable followers, followers that will benefit you or your business in the long run need to contact on Sociallygo.net. Otherwise, buying a follower has nothing to do. Buy 1 million followers at all. What good is it when they don’t like, comment, buy, or be real at all?

So read the rest of the article carefully. Because you are going to learn how to reach 300,000 followers in 1 month. The new Instagram page itself is a clear example of this claim.

Increase Instagram followers for free

Let’s look at Instagram as a game.

To win it, you have to play by the rules. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the trick of this game.

If you follow us step by step and follow these 3 principles, you can reach thousands of followers in the shortest possible time.

1. Increase Instagram followers; With the help of content production

Pull your head out of the game for a few moments and look at the issue from above.

Answer this question now.

Why do people follow you? What kind of pages do you follow?

Your possible answer:

Because we like the posts and stories of that page. (simply)

Now what makes us love the content (post and story) of a page? Just follow the two things we said in the next section.

Features of an audience-friendly content

The first step to increasing followers is to produce content that appeals to the audience and is attractive to them. Experience has shown that if these two issues are observed in the production of your content, they will show interest in it.

Useful content

Content is fun

The combination of these two elements is the first pottery foot you need to know. We have already published a complete and comprehensive article about content production on Instagram, which we suggest you read.

We now assume that you have produced first-class content. That is, content that is both useful and entertaining. Did you know that the same content can increase the number of your followers, likes or view stories?

How to increase the likes and views of our Instagram content?

The point that you should not forget is that good content goes hand in hand and ultimately goes to your own pocket.

Your posts on Instagram are viewed in three ways:

Everything about content production on Instagram Be sure to read: Everything about producing content on Instagram

The first method; Seen on Instagram Explorer

Instagram Explorer is the dream destination of every post. Because as soon as you enter it, thousands of other people will see that post. For example, just one of our posts on the new Instagram page ,After moving to Explorer, brought us about 6,000 new followers.

The second method; Content sharing

The second way to increase the number of your followers is to share it with people. At this point, if you follow the two elements of “usefulness” and “fun” , your content will go hand in hand and be shared.

(Be sure to check your direct mail and watch the last post you sent to your friends once again. We are sure that these two issues were observed in it!)

The third method; Targeted hashtags

Read in this article what a hashtag is and why you should use it . But it is good to know that Instagram understands the subject of that post based on the hashtags you put in the caption of your posts. It will then show it to those contacts who are interested in the topic of your post. As a result … boooooooo … more people will see your page and follow you.

2. Increase Instagram followers; The effect of interaction with the audience

What does interaction mean? For many of us, the word interaction may not yet be well-established. Interaction means establishing two-way communication. Interacting on Instagram is a connection that if you ignore it, you will not get anywhere! (Please read this sentence again)

Get More Instagram Followers with These 10 Tips to Grow Your Real Audience

Ways to interact to increase audience and gain trust

Comment Marketing (Leave valuable comments under the most visited posts so that if people see your comment, they will be curious and visit your page)

Talk to your co-workers and introduce each other to your audience in the story.

Subscribe live to make your circle bigger.

3. Increase Instagram followers; Get help from ads

The thing is, we need money to start advertising :) And in the beginning, no one has enough capital to spend a lot of money on advertising.

Our advice to pages that have just started is to use the same two methods as before. That is, producing valuable content and engaging with the audience.

These two ways are free and the only cost you have to pay for is your time.

Buy real Instagram followers; How many followers !!!

Saying how we can buy Instagram followers is a completely wrong question. There is no way you can buy a follower, but you can do targeted ads on the most visited pages and pay a certain amount to the owner of that page in return for the actual followers you get from t

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