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Why is content marketing important for small business owners?

by Ameli
Why is content marketing

Aside from being #1 factor in ranking your website, content marketing does many functions that the small business owner can benefit from in so many different ways.

Let’s take a look at what Aleph Website has had to say about  content marketing, since they have been helping small business owners and entrepreneurs for 10 years straight, producing fine content and ranking thousands of page #1 in Search Results.

Here are 3 reasons (you didn’t know about) why content marketing is great for small business:

Organic traffic is 5x more likely to convert!

Organic traffic is traffic coming from people finding us when searching for something online. This type of navigation toward a solution online is non-aggressive and natural – which is why it is called organic.

This type of traffic is known to generate lots of leads on site. This is so because people have more trust towards businesses that pose as natural authorities and topic experts, rather than clicking on Ads and reading the social media accounts of businesses.

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In other words, people are not interested in promotions and Ads, they want to research the vendors on their own and choose the ones they have found as the best!

Google is the NEW social media platform

While you were sleeping – during the 2020 and 2021 pandemic – Google has updated many of its features and it is now delivering what they call ‘DISCOVER.’

The DISCOVER features act very much like the News Feed of Facebook and Linkedin. It ranks content from people you have Liked and followed on Google. As you swipe you will get the results and the feed separately – so you can keep up with the users you are interested in following.

Moving your business online is content marketing

You might be confused by this reasoning, but hear us out. During the pandemic many companies had to shut down physical stores and that has prompted everyone to look for ways to deliver their products and services online. As people built websites, they realized that they have so much more to share, show and sell than what the website was able to depict.

The smart ones have hired young marketing specialists to help their organizations move all physical assets to digital platforms. This includes all the knowledge and information that the store had on paper- would be moved online. Doing so has helped these sites rank very very high!

Here is a case study of language school that made an impressive leap in profits using content marketing:

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