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Is It Safe To Use Aluminum Bottles For Fruit Juices

by Ameli

As times change and with increasing health concerns, people become more health-conscious. They have begun to question and study the food we eat and the packaging materials containing liquid and food. One of the major health concerns people face is consuming toxic substances from heavy metals. 

People, sometimes, are also wary of aluminum bottles as aluminum is also a metal. Clearing misconceptions about aluminum bottles can help you make a more informed decision about choosing which bottle to drink from. Moreover, if you are into personalised water bottles then checking these custom label water bottles would be a must. 

Is it Safe to Drink Juice from Aluminum Bottles?

Aluminum is one of the eco-friendliest materials and is highly sustainable and recyclable, with two-thirds of mined aluminum still being used today. Nowadays, people have major health concerns about using plastic containers; aluminum bottles are now replacing plastic ones to carry liquid. Nowadays, most people use aluminum bottles for fruit juices, which keep the juice cool and fresh. 

An aluminum bottle can maintain a liquid’s col temperature better than plastic bottles because of its thermal conductivity. Therefore, aluminum bottles are perfect for carrying around juices and other liquids. People’s main concern about aluminum bottles is that aluminum is a heavy metal. Aluminum is not toxic; the main thing that people should be careful with is if aluminum bottles are lined with BPA. 

What Is BPA And How Does It Affect Health?

BPA stands for Bisphenol-A, a chemical used to manufacture food containers. BPA is used to make stronger and sturdier plastic, which has been reported to cause severe health issues in consumers. 

BPA is similar to the function of estrogen, which is a hormone maintaining and developing female characteristics in the body. The use of BPA also affects energy levels, cell growth, fetal development, and reproduction. High usage of BPA-lined materials is also responsible for high blood pressure, higher risk of heart disease, and increased risks of diabetes, etc.

Aluminum-free from BPA is perfectly safe to drink, eat and cook from. Even if aluminum is accidentally ingested through liquids or food, most aluminum is easily eliminated from the body through waste products and, therefore, is not harmful to a person’s health.

Benefits of Choosing Aluminum Bottles

Aluminum bottles are environmentally friendly as they are perfect for reusing and recycling. Furthermore, aluminum bottles can be fully degraded, which causes little to no harm to the environment. If you are looking to place a business order for personalized aluminum bottles in Canada, consider Artik.com as your supplier.

Aluminum bottles are also perfect for reusing. When you become tired of drinking from the same old bottle or get damaged, you can reuse it as a flower vase, pen holder, storing cooking oil, etc. Aluminum bottles are also durable, unlike glass bottles which can break easily from one fall, give the bottles one wash, and they become perfect for holding juice for you again.

Final Words

One of the best ways to protect yourself from ingesting harmful material is to use BPA-free aluminum bottles. You can keep your fruit juices cool and easily carry them around with you with lightweight aluminum bottles. Before using any container, check that no harmful material has been used in the manufacturing process.

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