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How does VoIP Number Work?

by Hassan
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The voice over IP number is a simple concept. It’s simply a telephone number used for Voice over IP services rather than traditional analogue lines or cellular service. A VoIP phone uses a broadband connection to route calls through your internet service provider and to other users on the same network.

VoIP phone numbers have the advantage of being portable. Which means you can take them with you. If you move to another location where there might be better service or lower rates. Because the system only costs money. When voices are transmitted. Many providers offer flat monthly plans. That includes unlimited calling time without any additional fees. Some companies. Even have free programs that allow free caller ID information. And some limited local calling options. While others offer low-cost international calling rates.

Advantages Of a VoIP Number

Take your number with you if you move to a different location. Unlimited calling plans are available for as low as $10/month. Free plan options are available, including free caller ID and local calls. International service is much more affordable than traditional phone companies, often providing as low as 10 cents per minute. Most plans include North American area codes by default but can be customized with any other international destination of choice.

Calls made via the internet do not increase cell phone or home phone usage fees by using a 2nd device simultaneously (e.g., streaming videos, playing games). VoIP providers even offer international phone numbers, which can receive calls at a low cost for friends and relatives travelling abroad.

How To Make VoIP Call With Multiple Devices:

You can use your home or mobile device to make VoIP calls instead of carrying multiple devices. Flexible calling plans that provide free conference calling features as a bonus. Premium phone service options are available for those who want all the bells and whistles.

How To Maintain Connection With VoIP? 

VoIP providers do not have throttle bandwidth, so your quality of service is better. Do not rely on phone lines which can often be unreliable and always busy during peak hours, causing missed calls and the need to redial frequently. VoIP lets you maintain a connection even if one call drops or freezes due to connectivity issues, such as stormy weather blackouts, power interruptions and hardware malfunctions. Many companies allow VoIP users more control over their accounts than traditional telephone companies. In contrast, others require more flexibility (e.g., allowing more than one phone number per account).

Advantages of a Google Voice Number


Can track all received and dialed calls in the online account portal. Voicemail is permanently archived for later retrieval. So nothing gets lost by traditional telephone companies. Its methods of deleting messages after they are listened to. Google Voice also transcribes your voicemails into text form so you can read them instead of having to listen to them if you don’t have time at that moment or repeatedly ignore calls because it’s too much hassle picking up.

Easily block callers:

You can easily block callers permanently from the dashboard based on caller ID info (private/unknown/telemarketer/spam) or if they have violated your privacy in some manner previously. The service provides spam filtering, call screening, and blocking options based on keywords in voicemails. You can automatically delete any calls containing the most common harassing words frequently used by telemarketers.

You can use custom ringtones & text tones for different contacts if desired, plus also use Google Voice apps on your iPhone, Android or Windows smartphone to make outgoing calls with your data plan instead of using minutes from your phone plan. By forwarding calls to another number (e.g., cell), incoming callers are charged via carrier rates. You can use your home number with your traditional analog phone system at no additional cost for people who still favor the tried-and-true hardware over everything digital like their grandparents do.

Google Voice:

Google Voice is not just about receiving or making free telephone calls anymore; it also allows you to send and receive text messages on smartphones or via SMS gateway with compatible countries having this feature enabled by default. The texting service can be free as long as you have a data connection on your smartphone or tablet, but it costs USD 1 if you want to send/receive text messages on a landline or mobile phone through the Google Voice website.


If someone calls your dedicated VoIP UK call forwarding number, they hear exactly what’s in the auto-attendant message of your actual number. Then you can choose to answer, send it directly to voicemail or forward it on (call forwarding) and announce the caller’s name & number (so they won’t know if you answered or forwarded/voice mailed their call at all).

Finally, this means you can purchase unlimited international calling minutes for $10/month, which is much cheaper compared to Skype’s rates since Google Voice forwards all calls made by your friends & family members who live outside your primary country of residence at no additional cost!

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