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How to Plan Your Dream Wedding in 5 Steps

How to Plan Your Dream Wedding in 5 Steps

You proposed to your partner (or they proposed to you), and now everyone is asking when
the big day is.
Assuming you have already set aside a budget for your wedding, there is still a lot that
needs to be done to ensure it is a day that you and your partner will remember forever, not a
day you would rather forget!
Aside from avoiding the invitation of a family member who would start a fight with a statue,
there are many ways you can ensure that your wedding day is a success, and this guide
aims to explore some of the key things to plan for.


The first thing to consider is the location.
Do you want to get married in an urban setting, like a town hall? Or do you want to get
married in a historic, large home like Adlington Hall? This is important to hammer down and
remember, and it should be about what you and your partner want – not what everyone you
are inviting wants!
If you opt for a location wedding in a country like Spain, however, you will likely have to plan
for a smaller guest list, as this is going to be more expensive.

Guest List

Next, you need to look at the guest list. Do you want/can you afford a huge wedding? Or do
you just want to invite your closest family and friends?
Interestingly, in recent years, there has been an increase in people getting married who want
to also have their dogs, cats, and other pets present. So, if this sounds like something you
want to partake in, you will need to ensure that the aforementioned venue is OK with this.
But always be sure that the people you invite are who you want to be there, not anyone else.
It is your wedding day!

Color Scheme

Now, back to the aesthetics, what color scheme do you want to have?
Many couples make the mistake of going for a color scheme that is trending, but the color
scheme you have at your wedding should be the color scheme that you want to have. For
instance, if you are a more gothic couple, it would be odd if you went with a trending color
scheme that was pink! Aim for a scheme that reflects your relationship, not what you have
seen on the Kardashians!

Book a Wedding Organizer?

This can be where many people become a bit uncertain. If you have an enormous, fairy tale
wedding planned in a castle, it can be well worth having a wedding organizer or planner
oversee the entire process for you. That way, you won’t have to worry about checking and
double-checking bookings, and your every wish will be catered for. Just make sure that if
you opt for a wedding planner, it is someone you have a rapport with and can trust to take
care of your big day for you.

Decide What You Want

Perhaps this should have been at the start of the list, but you and your partner will need to
figure out early on what you want from your wedding day. Do you want a huge, showy
wedding that will look amazing in photos for years to come? Or do you want a smaller, more
intimate affair that showcases your true love for each other? Answer these questions, and
the plans for your big day will flow naturally.

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