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Twisted Hemp Wraps plain jane

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Twisted Hemp

Plain jane hemp wraps California Dream is the flavor. The Dominican Republic is the country of origin. Twisted Hemp Wraps plain jane is a brand of hemp wraps. TWHWP is the model number. Hemp leaves that have been homogenized Weight: 113 grams (4 oz). 4 leaves per box 30 Boxes in the Master Case

  • Made from high-quality hemp that is 100 percent pure!
  • There will be no tobacco or nicotine! Every time, it’s a breeze to smoke!!!
  • Engineered to provide a slow, even burn so you can savor every moment.
  • Each box contains 15 resealable packs with 4 deliciously flavored wraps in each pack!

Twisted Hemp wraps are introducing a new hemp wrap to the market. True Hemp’s goal in the nascent hemp market is to give customers the same slow-burn experience as traditional blunts, but without the harsh tobacco for a smooth draw. Twisted hemp wraps are organic hemp wraps that are available in six different flavors.

Twisted hemp wraps are one of the cleanest wraps available, as they are made entirely of hemp and contain no tobacco or nicotine. True Hemp’s resealable zip pack keeps these wraps fresh, and they’re sold in packs of two. Each pack comes with two wraps. Each box contains 25 packs.

No nicotine:

Because hemp wraps contain no nicotine, they’re a great alternative to traditional tobacco-based blunt wraps. It’s thicker than regular rolling paper and burns slower. High Hemp, Royal Blunt’s Hemparillos, and Juicy Jays’ Juicy Hemp Wraps are just a few of the brands we stock.

Twisted cigar wrappers:

You’ve probably tried a blunt or cigar wrapper if you like to roll your own tobacco or legal herb. Come on, it’s endorsed by some of our favorite rappers! However, we must acknowledge that blunt wraps and cigar wrappers are tobacco products at some point. When it burns, nicotine and other harsh chemicals are released. Hemp wraps, on the other hand, can be a healthier alternative to traditional blunt wraps, so if you like blunts but are concerned about the nicotine and chemicals found in tobacco, check out this guide to hemp wraps.

Is twisted Hemp Wraps Are Better For You?

Hemp wraps can easily present a healthier option than other papers, which is one of the major differences between them and other papers. To be clear, hemp wraps aren’t healthy in the same way that eating an apple is. When compared to inhaling chemicals associated with tobacco or nicotine, organic hemp wraps are healthier because you aren’t introducing anything harmful to your system.

Because hemp wraps are GMO-free, they may be healthier than apples; something to consider the next time you light up.

Twisted Hemp is sold by Atomic Blaze Smoke Shop and is not only organic and GMO-free, but also comes from a single source of hemp. There was probably more thought put into the sourcing of this hemp than there was into the sourcing of the flower you put inside of it. Whether you consider your daily session

Twisted hemp wraps, exactly?

In 2017, hemp wraps gained popularity as they became more widely available in online tobacco and cannabis stores. Hemp wraps are simply thin sheets of paper made from hemp, a Cannabis sativa L. variety. Hemp wraps are similar to blunt wraps, but without tobacco, and are ideal for tightly wrapping your favorite smoking product.

Check out our guide to rolling the perfect joint or cigarette to learn how to use a hemp wrap to roll your joint or cigarette. Hemp wraps are also available as pre-rolled cones for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of rolling.

1. It is completely organic.

Today’s smokers are more aware of the potentially harmful chemicals found in rolling papers and wraps. Twisted hemp wraps are also free of any toxic ingredients or added adhesives, in addition to being 100 percent organic. Organic twisted hemp wraps are a better alternative if you enjoy smoking but are concerned about the risks associated with other wrapping papers.

2. Non-Tobacco

The majority of wrapping products on the market contain or hold nicotine before being purchased. Smokers no longer have to settle for nicotine wraps, thanks to the rise of twisted hemp wraps, which gives them more options when it comes to rolling products. Twisted hemp wraps have become extremely popular among non-tobacco smokers as a tobacco-free alternative.

3. A Wide Range of Flavors

Twisted hemp wraps come in a variety of vibrant flavors. So, no matter what your preferred palate is, you’ll be able to find a flavor that suits you. MatchBox Bros carries a wide range of fruity flavors from the leading hemp wrap manufacturers. • Cherry • Pineapple • Lemon • Tropical • Honey • Grape are some of our most popular flavors.

The advantages of twisted hemp wraps


The main advantage of using twisted hemp wraps is that they are 100 percent organic. Hemp does not require any questionable herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, growth hormones, or other potentially harmful chemicals during the growing process. Furthermore, unlike the toxic compounds found in many blunt wraps’ adhesives, twisted hemp wraps contain no toxic ingredients or added adhesives.

Switching of wraps to twisted wraps:

Do you like to roll and have been thinking about switching to hemp wraps? We get a lot of the same questions, so we decided to write a separate blog post summarizing all of the Hemp Wraps. Maybe you’re new to rolling with hemp wraps, or maybe you just want to brush up on your knowledge and skills. In either case, having a solid understanding of what hemp wraps are and how they differ from whatever you’re currently rolling with can lead to more informed decisions and a shift in your smoking habits.

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