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7 Tips to Minimize Your IVF Treatment Cost in India

by Quibus
ivf treatment cost in india

The cost of IVF treatment varies from city to city in India and also depends on the reputation of the hospital. If you are also thinking about giving birth to a test tube baby through IVF treatment, then the cost of artificial reproduction treatments may make you think again.

But over the years, there have been ways through which you can easily cut down on the partial cost of IVF treatment, make a few smart moves and save a significant portion of your huge hospital bill.

In treatments like IVF, where there is no guarantee of success, the cost of treatment may reach lakhs of rupees. Although, you can ensure the success of IVF, even after minimizing your cost.

We have brought you some tested tips to minimize your IVF treatment cost.

#1 Find a Skillful Doctor

The smartest way to save your pocket is to optimize the IVF treatment process for getting Successful fertilization in the first few cycles. Ask your friend or nearest doctor to recommend a good IVF clinic and go to the clinic to investigate the cost terms and conditions of the procedure.

Though IVF clinics are caught in wooing couples by claiming high success rates, do not fall for such fake advertisements. Few IVF clinics in India are selective about couples and treat only couples with good prospects and easily increase the success rate.

Ask the doctor about the success probability of your case and proceed accordingly.

#2 Check Your Insurance

Insurers generally do not cover fertility treatments because IVF treatments are considered medically unnecessary. But if your sterility causes include underlying conditions like ovarian disease, endometriosis, and polycystic, they are covered under insurance.

Alternatively, you can check if your company is offering any employee benefits that may be helpful in medical treatments.

#3 Egg Donor Programme

If you are unable to provide fertile eggs for the embryo, then the doctor may suggest hormonal injections, which are very expensive. As an affordable solution, you can contact an organization or website that provides donors for eggs and sperm. In fact, donors are people who have achieved success in the initial cycles of IVF, so this will be a positive for both the success and cost of your treatment.

Alternatively, you can also adopt embryos and avoid the cost of the process till fertilization.

#4 Travel for IVF

There are many IVF clinics in India, and the treatment rate of each state and city is also less & more. Obviously, IVF cost is very high in major cities as many patients are reaching there, but you can save money by swimming against the wave. In some tier 2 cities, the cost of IVF is comparatively very less. For example, in Mumbai, IVF costs start from 1,60,000 to 3,50,000, but there is a very low IVF cost in Jaipur. one can get quality IVF treatment for just a little over 1,20,000 per IVF cycle.

Many couples also consider going abroad, but you can get treatment in India at just your plane ticket price.

#5 Look for IVF Refund Programs

IVF treatment cost in India can make a significant difference if you somehow manage to find a refund or shared risk program. The refund program lets you re-pay the advance deposit on the failure of treatment.

In Refund or Risk Sharing Centers, you are asked for upfront treatment expenses, and if the treatment fails at any stage, they refund you some of the part or all the money of your treatment cost.

#6 Share Your IVF Story

Some organizations pay you to share the story of your IVF journey, so if you are comfortable sharing your private aspects, you can consider reducing it to some post-treatment damages. These organizations make videos and pictures of your experience and earn money by advertising or broadcasting it on TV. In addition, some IVF centers in India also provide informational sessions. New IVF center offers their patients free fertility treatment for advertisement.

#6 Crowdfunding for IVF

You can ask people to help you with your treatment. Crowdfunding is a medium through which you ask for donations for your treatment through social media or organization, it is a free service, and people will also help you. Because it is a simple process. Although there is a lot of fraud, so you have to run a genuine campaign and tell people about your problem.

#7 Book a Consultant

You can’t do everything by yourself, so spend on a counselor and ask him how you can find affordable IVF treatment cost in India. A counselor has an in-depth knowledge of the treatment process, so they can tell you which aspects can improve to reduce costs.

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Does Low IVF Cost Affects Treatment Quality?

Expensive IVF treatment may also be because a skillful doctor charging more however, in cities like Jaipur, where IVF costs very less you can get quality treatment. Mishka IVF Center located in Jaipur gives IVF treatment per cycle from 100000 to 120000. The center has maintained the ideal success rate without any selective laxity. So if you live in a big city where IVF cost is very high, you can get similar quality treatment at Mishka IVF at lower prices.

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