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Fireworks & Sparklers

by Moeen

Fireworks and sparklers are a big part of celebrations these days. Whether it is a birthday celebration or an anniversary, a wedding event, or any party, everyone loves to burn sparklers and fireworks. This is not just a matter of joy, but also causes damage, as well as serious injuries to thousands of people every day. These people suffer pain, and lasting damages from property loss because of the thrill of using fireworks and Sparkles.

Not only elders, but children too, are at high risk of injuries from fireworks. A study shows more than a third of emergency cases and emergency room visits for related damages and injuries. Children of ages between 5 years to 9 years are more than twice as compared to the other people of other age groups who were injured by sparklers. Even if fireworks and sparklers are legal to purchase and are allowed to use in your community, they are still not safe and secure for kids.

According to one of the research done by a researcher, 12000 sparklers’ injuries were treated in emergency visits and this number is rising every year. These injuries include burns, serious eye injuries, and hand injuries. Deaths have also been recorded in a few cases.

Risks of Burn

There are people who use fireworks too much and allow children to play with them during events and celebration parties. Remember that these fireworks and sparklers are not toys to play with them. Sparkers generate a very high heat, usually 1200 Fahrenheit, that is hot enough to burn and melt some metals so touching a lit sparkler to the skin can result in a serious burn.


This is a type of firework that uses a solid-fuel rocket to rise so quickly in the sky. They emit a variety of effects like stars, crackles, and bangs.

Legal Permissions

There are a number of countries with a law permitting the sale, purchase, and use of safe and sane fireworks and sparklers whereas few prohibit them by local ordinance and never allow them to sell, purchase, and use them at all. The countries that allow and permit the sale, discharge, and use of these fireworks, specifically classify items that qualify as fireworks and also specify those who may possess to sell them and share when and when they may be sold.

Considered Fireworks

Those fireworks can be considered to contain chemical elements that do not require an amount of oxygen to burn and produce audible, mechanical, visual, or thermal effects of entertainment.

Dangerous Sparkers

Certain sparkers are enlisted as dangerous ones. Dangerous fireworks include;

  • Firecrackers
  • Roman candles
  • Sparklers that are 10 inches or more high in length
  • Anything that discharges a ball of fire into the air
  • Chasers
  • Firework kits
  • Any firework containing arsenic sulfide, boron, gallic acid, and titanium, and such other elements
  • Skyrockets
  • Fireworks designated as unsafe by State Fire Marshal
  • Rockets that shoots up and explodes
  • Fireworks designed by manufacturers to create surprise elements for the user, exploding cigars are classic examples.

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