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How to Easily Download Music from SoundCloud 

by Anne

After Youtube, the best place to look for your favorite music is SoundCloud, but obviously, there is a huge difference since SoundCloud only contains audio tracks. On SoundCloud, you can create your profiles and then create your own playlists, you can follow people, download music from SoundCloud to your playlists, and add music from other people’s playlists to your playlists. Another benefit of using SoundCloud is that it records the stream of audio you play, and doesn’t need to eat your data over and over again to stream the audio. Today we are going to learn how to download songs from SoundCloud. 

Music streams are saved on Android and iOS devices in the cache, while on the browser, streaming music does not hold when you close your browser. But, you won’t really want to stray away from your favorite music in case you couldn’t stream a song because you don’t have internet connectivity, or your device couldn’t load the previously streamed songs. 

In this case, you want your favorite music to be downloaded. Some SoundCloud users allow downloading of the tracks, but you might not be able to find the download button on all the desired tracks, in this case, some method is needed to help you download the music from SoundCloud easily. We previously published a method that explains how to download full SoundCloud playlists easily, but downloads all songs from a specific set, so a new method that will help you download songs separately is explained here in the ongoing guide. 

How to easily download music from SoundCloud: 

1. Find your favorite music/soundtrack on SoundCloud 

2. Copy the link to the music track you want to download. 

3. Now open to Soundclound to mp3 
4. Paste the link of the song you want to download into the download field. 
5. Now click on the download button, it will generate the download link a little lower. 

6. The download link should look something like “Download MP3”. 
7. Right-click on “Save Link As…” and download the song now. 

There are a number of downloaders available on the web, but we’re just doing the job. The method explained above will work smoothly and allow you to save all your favorite songs on the go. In case you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to use the comments box below. Thanks, everyone. 

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