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10+ popular family activities to do with kids

by James

Everyone remembers their childhood, for some, it was pleasant and fun, for others it wasn’t. Maybe, your childhood wasn’t fun but you now have kids and everyone wants the best for their child. With the holiday on the way constantly creating fun activities for your kids to keep them busy isn’t easy and we understand that when it comes to this kind of stuff, no one truly knows it all that’s why, in today’s guide, I’ll be telling you 10+ popular family activities to do with your kids this holiday.

Plan a family game night 

As a kid, I always looked forward to Thursday nights during the holidays because it was our family game night. It was fun, exciting and I got to compete with other family members. Game nights have a reputation of being fun and I’m sure your kids will love them too. There are a lot of games you can play with the family, if you don’t know the game to start with this weekend, you can try intellectual games like scrabble, or you can play a simple game like bingo, the choice is up to you.

Set up a lemonade stand

Setting up a lemonade stand with your kids will help your kids become more creative. You can let them help you with creating the signage and the booth. Additionally, this family activity also teaches the children communication skills which will come in handy when they are all grown.


This is another fun activity you can do with the kids this holiday. Aren’t they too young for bowling? If you thought that, you are wrong because bowling doesn’t have any age restriction which means kids of all ages can play except you have a suckling baby then they obviously can’t play. To make the game more fun for them, you can set up lane bumpers for them to prevent them from making too many gutter balls which can end up discouraging them.

Ice skating

Are you looking for a family activity that incorporates fitness and fun? Then you should try ice skating with the family this holiday. Depending on your location, you can try this fun activity on frozen rivers, ponds, and lakes. If you don’t have access to those, then you can also try indoor skating.

Go to a farm

I’m pretty sure you never thought this was a fun activity to try out with the family. Take the kids to the farm and let them ride on large tractors while you watch them giggle with joy and excitement. They can also get to play with some farm animals and depending on the farm you visit, you may get welcomed with an interactive tour.

Visit a factory 

Do you have science inclined kids? If you do, then taking them on a factory tour will be an educational and fun experience for them. You can take them to a car, jelly belly, book or any other factory that’s close to your location.

Visit a museum 

When taking your kids to the museum, ensure you take them to an interactive museum that has plenty of family activities. These kinds of museums let your kids play while they learn. If you can’t find that kind of museum in your environment, then taking them to a historical or art museum will also be fun for them.

Make a family scrapbook

What better way to create memories than to make a family scrapbook with your family. Scrapbooks will help you remember all the wonderful moments you shared as a family. You can save all the experiences you shared together as a family in form of pressed flowers, pictures, ticket stubs, etc.

Go Hiking

Hiking is a fun family activity you can do on a high mountain peak or at a local park. To make the experience more fun for your kids, you can create games out of it. Before you go hiking with the family, do well carry snacks and also carry along a camera or smartphone to capture all the fun moments.

Go fishing with the family

I remember fishing a lot with my dad. It was one of my fun moments when I was young. Asides from learning how to fish, the fishing trips with my dad helped me get closer to him. Fishing gives you ample time to bond with your family.

Build model aeroplanes with the kids

Building a model aeroplane requires a lot of dedication and effort. This simply means that you will get to spend quality time with your kids. Additionally, building aeroplanes with your kids teaches them patience amongst other things. 

Play charades with the kids

Charade is an amazing game that can be played by all age groups. To play the game, all that’s required is to act out movie titles, words, or even phrases that’ll be written on slips of paper.

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