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Is Expensive Jewelry Always High Quality?

by James

What we learned from civilization and ancient history is that jewelry was appreciated and was used in highlighting the beauty of its wearers. Different pieces that were used symbolized such things as elegance, wisdom, security, and prosperity among others.  As of today, the reasons for wearing jewelry have not changed, but the appreciation for these pricey pieces has grown several times over.

When shopping for jewelry, you will discover that there are the most expensive, the expensive, and the less expensive. But does this price segregation mean that the expensive jewelry is always of high quality?

Fine jewelry

These are pieces that contain precious metals and often have natural gemstones as part of them.  In some instances, diamonds and pearls are also part of this jewelry.  Here, precious metals refer to silver, gold, and platinum.

But for anything to be categorized as fine jewelry, there must be a certain amount of karats, which is at least 10 for gold. In simple terms, karats are used to measure the level of purity of the precious metal. Remember that gold that has up to 24 karats may be too soft to be used in making jewelry. For gold to be strong enough and be used to make jewelry and other products, it should be mixed with other metals. 

If the jewelry has 18 karats of gold, which means that it has 6 karats of other products or metals. The lower the karats, the reduced the shine. The more gold that is contained, the higher the purity level, and this is what drives the price of buying gold jewelry to high levels. Fine jewelry is always long-lasting and with proper care, it can be handed through generations, mostly as a family inheritance. That is the reason why gold ornaments are mostly considered as an investment.

Fashion or costume jewelry

This jewelry is mostly made from non-precious metals and plated metals. You will find them being gold plated, silver plated, and more. Others are manufactured using man-made gemstones. While a jewelry piece may contain natural gemstones, it’s still likely that it can be classified as fashion jewelry.

With plating, a thin layer of precious metal is splattered over the base metal, and with time, this type of jewelry gets tarnished and the expensive metal that was used in the plating will get worn out. When the plating peels off, a different color will be revealed, which is that of the base metal. This reduces the value of the jewelry significantly. For world-class and premium jewelry for men, Twisted Pendant offers the best that you can find out there. From chains, bracelets, pendants, and more, you can enjoy amazingly fast shipping globally.

Underpriced and overpriced jewelry

So after learning about the above, how do we know that jewelry is underpriced or overpriced?  The truth is that this can be hard. However, the pricing is determined by how long it took to make the jewelry, the place it was made, and the brand positioning. The cost of the material and other supplies that were used is also factored into the pricing.

Is expensive jewelry always high quality?

The answer is absolutely no. Many factors contribute to making jewelry of high quality, and you have to consider them all before you pay. Think about it broadly and pay the right price for a truly high-quality piece.

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