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7 Best Non-Swiss Luxury Watch Brands

7 Best Non-Swiss Luxury Watch Brands

Swiss luxury watch brands hold a strong reputation for being the gold standard when it comes to keeping time. Well, there is a truth to this since most of the top luxury watch brands like Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, and more are all Swiss watches. However, what most of you may not know is there are also a lot of luxury watches from different parts of the globe that are on par with the quality of Swiss luxury watches. Luxury watches from these brands are also quite interesting because they come from different countries with distinct aesthetics. Are you looking for a good luxury watch brand to invest a timepiece in? You have come to the right place. Today, we will be talking about the best luxury watch brands out of Switzerland! Check this out.

1. NOMOS Glashütte

Are you a devout follower of the mantra, “less is more?” If your answer is yes, then you might love this German brand. Aside from Switzerland, Germany has also been one of the countries that first tried their hand with watchmaking at the little town of Glashütte. Nomos Glashutte takes heritage from the watchmaking hotspot of Germany. What NOMOS Glashütte boasts is Bauhaus-inspired designs. More than this, you will also not be sorry about the technology of their watches because of their tried-and-tested durability, accuracy, and innovation.

NOMOS Glashütte is not only a simple luxury watch brand. It is also an award-winning brand! It bagged awards such as the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève, Good Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, and the Green Product Award.

2. Chanel

People who love fashion might be more than familiar with this brand. Aside from bringing us the best clothes, accessories, and bags, Chanel would also not want to miss the party for also presenting us with the best luxury watches they have. Given their prestige in the fashion industry, we bet that their luxury watches will also be the bombs. The fashion watches from Chanel are just subtle, but they still command attention. They can be simple and elegant, and bold, yet balanced. The crowd favorite from the house of Chanel is the Chanel Boy-Friend Watch. You can also check the Chanel J12 if it appeals to you more!

3. Hermès

If there is a brand that you can trust the most when it comes to leather straps, it is no other brand than the leather goods expert itself, Hermès. We all know the Hermès brand best because of its leather goods like their bags. Maybe you have heard of the Birkin bag everyone is pretty crazy about! What others may not know is that Hermès has been creating watches since 1912. Others may think of Hermès to be poetic with their way of expressing time. Well, this is something you can expect from this famous brand! If you want more drama and expression, you should check out Hermès watches.

4. Bvlgari

Bvlgari is another famous watch brand that also offers us great quality watches. Most people know this brand because of its stylish accessories and heavenly perfumes. If you are familiar with watches that you wrap around your wrist, best believe that they got that style from Bvlgari.

Bvlgari watches became iconic, particularly because of their Bvlgari Serpenti watch. The first Bvlgari Serpenti watch was first created in 1940. It was yet to be made more sophisticated in the 1960s—this was when the watch became quite popular. People had gone crazy over this watch when actress Elizabeth Taylor wore it when she went to her movie Cleopatra’s publicity shoot.

The Bvlgari watch still exudes the same sexiness and enigma to this day. These are best for adding drama to an otherwise plain outfit.

5. Cartier

Cartier also mastered creating watches and pieces of jewelry in one. The French brand is the most famous for its precious gems and breathtaking pieces of jewelry. Since jewelry and luxury watches do not fall far from the tree, it is no longer surprising that Cartier is an expert with watches. Even royalty chooses Cartier as their timepieces, like Kate Middleton, who wears an elegant Cartier Ballon Bleu Watch.

6. A. Lange & Söhne

Another reliable brand from Germany is A. Lange & Söhne. You can even say that this brand is one of the pioneers (if not the pioneer) of the watchmaking industry in Germany, after being established in 1845. There might be setbacks about this brand as it was nationalized during the occupation of the Soviet Union. However, it quickly recovered and cemented its place in the watchmaking industry the first time it had a chance. Today, celebrities, politicians, and even royalty choose A. Lange & Söhne.

7. Seiko

This list will never be complete without this brand. Seiko might even be the top watch brand outside Europe! Europe is not the only one that offers the best watches. Seiko, a Japanese brand, also earns the biggest respect from watch connoisseurs. The word, “Seiko” means “exquisite,” and by this etymology, you might already have an idea about what the brand is going for. Your high expectations from this brand will not go to waste because we all know how the Japanese are passionate about perfecting their craft.

Kintaro Hattori founded the company in 1881, but it was not until 1924 when the company started using the name, “Seiko.” A groundbreaking accolade on Seiko’s belt is its development of the world’s first-ever watch with a Quartz movement. Seiko has made a tough competition against Swiss watch brands. Because of the precision of its watches, it usually becomes the official timekeeper of Olympic games.

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From here, what registers in us is the fact that everywhere, there is excellence. Whatever our tastes and preferences are, there will always be a perfect brand for us. This is why if you are now thinking about investing in a watch, expand your horizons and choose the one that will bring you to the best places! Check out TheWatchCompany.com and marvel at the different watches and brands that you can find!

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