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The 3 Most Prominent Types of False Eyelashes

by Tom
The 3 Most Prominent Types of False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are incredibly popular beauty enhancement products that are designed to frame the eyes and provide alluring movement when the wearer blinks. They have been around since the early 20th century, having been invented by the Canadian beauty pioneer Anna Taylor in 1911. This is contrary to some rather unsavory false facts being peddled on the internet regarding the first uses of fake eyelashes. Before Taylor’s invention, people had been making their eyelashes look fuller for thousands of years. Ancient Egyptians, both male and female, famously pigmented their eyelashes to achieve a more striking appearance. 

Today, false eyelashes – sometimes known as eyelash extensions – are a very well-established addition to the beautification canon. There are several prominent kinds of false eyelashes. Most of them fit into one of three broad categories. Here is a guide to the three main kinds of false eyelashes in use today. 


Strip eyelash extensions are some of the most commonly used false eyelashes on the market today. As they are easy to put on and take off, strip lashes are the most frequently sought-out eyelash enhancements for beginners. Strip eyelash extensions come packaged as whole eyelashes, meaning that a user only has to attach one or two segments per eye to get their desired effect. People often clip or trim eyelash strips so that they fit their eye shape better. Some people use strip eyelashes in a rather extreme way, even fitting oversized strips to deliberately create a ‘doe-eyed’ look. 

Poor quality strip eyelashes have been associated with various skin ailments. It is recommended that all people looking to improve their appearance with strip eyelashes check the contents of the adhesive used and veer towards glues that do not contain formaldehyde. Strip eyelashes can be extremely cheap, but the best examples are pricey and made of either real human hair, mink, or other animal fur. The mink fur trade is rather unethical, so human hair examples are recommended. 

Individual Flare

Individual flare eyelash extensions are much harder to apply and are therefore usually fitted by a beauty technician. Unlike strip lashes, individual flare lashes are not ‘full’ adhesive lashes. Instead, they are small clumps of real or synthetic hair that can be added to natural lashes to improve volume. They can be used to fill in sparse areas to give the appearance of healthy, complete lashes. Many people have partially sparse eyelashes due to continued adhesive use or naturally gap-laden follicle patterns. 

Individual Single

Individual single false lashes are the hardest kind to use properly and tend to get semi-permanently attached. They are, quite literally, single hairs that are carefully inserted into an eyelash formation to change their appearance. Getting individual single lashes fitted is usually a rather expensive affair, but the effect they have is often much more natural looking than one that can be achieved using strip or flare extensions. The types of false eyelashes chosen will usually depend on available budget and convenience.

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