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5 Different Kinds of Watches for Outdoor Activities

5 Different Kinds of Watches for Outdoor Activities

Adventure is the spice of life. Saying goodbye to the countless sites you visit every day, from smartphones to computers to e-readers, and spending precious time outdoors is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Today there are different accessories that can assist you to have the best time while outdoors, from bracelets to watches and heart monitors.  

Features like a compass for positioning, GPS, and an altimeter for measuring altitude make watches a tool used while hiking, snowboarding, or running. From affordable adventure watches to luxury brands, there are different wristwatches for outdoor activities. You can find reviews about all at Uberwrists. Here are some examples. 

1. Sports Watches

Sports watches are mainly designed for different kinds of sports activities. Watches under this category are durable, have strong straps, and are made with materials that withstand impact or scratch. Longines watches like the Conquest model. 

A water-resistant sports watch should have excellent characteristics like a heart rate monitor, and for swimmers, they should have a thermometer and tide indicator. Athletes would always want to stay atop the game, and this feature is an indispensable one for them. Those in water sports can calculate time underwater and check their speed as well. 

Sports watches can also come in the form of digital watches. A digital watch requires a battery to operate, but the only difference between a digital watch and a non-mechanical analog watch is the way the time is displayed. The vibration of an electronic signal enables the time display as a number on the screen. This type of watch was trendy in the 1980s and is still popular with many people.

Longines Conquest Sports Watch

The Longines Conquest VHP watch features a stainless steel or black PVD coating, a screen with shiny hands and minutes, and a recording window on the right side of the screen. Another feature of this watch is the EOL (lifetime) battery indicator. If you replace the battery within six months of enabling EOL, all functions will adjust accordingly, and the exact timing shown will continue as usual. 

However, if the battery is replaced after six months, it must be sent to a Longines service center for replacement. This watch includes a perpetual calendar that automatically calculates even months. There is also a smart crown that can be turned quickly to extend the watch by one hour. You can make fine adjustments by turning the crown slowly.

2. Dive Watches

The second type of watch you can use for water-related outdoor activity is the dive watch. They are also used mainly by deep-sea divers. They are usually made of materials like titanium and stainless steel that are anti-corrosive. This dive watch is designed as the name suggests. This type of watch is designed to withstand water as well as the associated water pressure. 

The diver monitors the amount of air remaining while underwater, and while typical diving watches are water-resistant to 500-1,000 feet, modern models are also water-resistant to greater depths. Although it is a waterproof watch, diving watches perform just as well as other watches and come in various styles. 

A Citizen Pro Master is an example of a dive watch. On the watch are its day and night calendar features. Its stainless steel case is brushed, coated, and polished to give a fine finish. The Citizen’s Pro Master is solar-powered and does not require battery change in not less than 18 years. Casio has another good watch known as the Casio G-Shock made from titanium, meaning that concerns like rust and scratch are eliminated. The US Navy Seals also use Casio watches for training. G-Shock watches have become a mainstay among users during sporting seasons and events due to their reliability and durability. Hollywood stars like Keanu Reeves wore it in the 90s action film, “Speed.” In 1991, the 7-year battery life Casio models became the timepieces to move into the smartwatch category and market. It is undoubtedly one of the best outdoor digital watches. 

3. Pilot Watches

Wristwatch collectors can add this watch to their watch collection not just for their aviation-inspired design but also for their qualities and features. Even though pilot watches were initially made for pilots, they are now becoming a timepiece mainstay for people who admire or want good wristwatches, A Breguet Type 20 is an example of a pilot watch.

The Aviator watch is designed to allow pilots to check the time while performing more important tasks while on air. They usually have large, easy-to-read screens and often glow in the dark to allow pilots to use the watch in the dark.

4. Military Watches 

Military watches started with stainless steel frames, but the development of materials has resulted in watches made from materials such as titanium. It is a watch with a custom design that many people might not be familiar with. Military watches of the 19th century led to the direct distribution of watches to the general public.

They were in demand from non-military personnel, and watchmakers took advantage of the market demand. The military has been a driving force in innovation in watch design, especially in past achievements. Soldiers had to synchronize their watches during the war to start every hour, resulting in innovative second-hand designs. 

To date, most mechanical watches have this feature. When the watch band is removed, the other hands stop until pressed again. Military watches are one of the best watches with innovations to meet military needs, including pilots.

5. Race Watches

People who are involved with sports racing can use racing watches to track distance and time. These watches come with features like GPS and a stopwatch to enable their users to calculate time efficiently. In addition to that, the watches are made durable with solid materials. Several wristwatch labels produce racing watches. Amongst them is TAG Heuer. This brand has been making watches for a long time, including mechanical, quartz, and tourbillon watches. 


Materials and relevant features are an integral part of outdoor watches design. They must be made with solid and sturdy materials which can weather all impacts while outdoors. As such, the Manufacturers have chosen to use quality materials in making them. All outdoor activities and settings require that one participating be comfortable throughout, and this involves using accessories like wristwatches.

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