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14 dresses that will make you shine at prom

by Jay
14 types of prom dresses

The prom season is coming and you still don’t know what to wear? Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect dresses for you!

1. Classic embellished dress

This baby blue dress with shiny sequins will make you shine like a million stars! For those who love it classic but modern, this one’s perfect! It can be worn at proms, weddings, or other formal occasions.

2. Bohemian prom dress

Are you the bohemian type? This one is made for you! The flowers, lace, and long sleeves make it perfect for anybody. A little tip: if you want to highlight your waistline, wear a belt with it! We promise you’ll look amazing!

3. Gorgeous prom dress with a lace bodice

For prom, you want to feel gorgeous and this baby pink dress is perfect for that! The lace on the bodice makes it look classy while the skirt will make your body look sexy. It’s also available in other colors if baby pink isn’t your thing!

4. Mini prom dress

This shameless sexy prom dress with a lace bodice is perfect for prom, weddings, or any formal occasion! We love the black color because it makes your skin look flawless. The mini skirt in the front will make your legs look longer and at the same time the full skirt in the back will cover up your thighs if you’re feeling shy about them :).

5. Black prom dress

For prom, you want to be on point with your look and this black prom dress with a lace bodice is just the right fit! It’s sexy, classy, and very elegant. You can also wear it at weddings or other formal occasions if you wish!

6. Sexy prom dress with a cut outback

This prom dress with a cut-out in the back is perfect for prom! The sexy plunging neckline will give you some extra cleavage and show off your gorgeous decollete. Wearing such prom dresses, you’ll look like a diva :).

7. Firework prom dress

This prom dress with a very original design will make you look like real fireworks! The skirt of the dress is first golden and red, then the upper part has a beautiful black lace which makes it more special. It can also be worn as a prom dress, but why not try to wear it as a bridesmaid dress for your best friend’s wedding? The result will be very elegant and chic!

9. Lace prom dress with beads

This prom dress with beaded lace will make your body look perfect! The full skirt gives volume to your hips and thighs while the neckline gives the prom dress a more sophisticated touch. It’s also available in other colors like baby blue, burgundy, and pink!

10. Gorgeous prom dress with lace straps

Last but not least, this prom dress is perfect if you love lace. The shoulders are covered with black lace which makes it look delicate and cute. We love the prom dress because it’s soft with a very comfortable fit. So, this prom dress is everything you dreamed of!

11. Sparkling prom dress

This prom dress with a black lace bodice and transparent bottom is perfect for prom! The sparkling crystals make it look like you’re wearing a prom dress made of stars :). It’s also available in baby pink and red!

12. Gorgeous prom dress with sequins

For prom, we love this prom dress with a prom skirt and prom top. It’s perfect if you want to make your look more festive! The prom dress has an elegant neckline and the prom skirt looks like a lampshade :).

13. Gorgeous prom dress with sparkling crystals

This prom dress is very special because of its original design. It’s made of a prom top and a prom skirt, just as we mentioned above! The prom dress has a prom top with prom sleeves and a prom bottom which is decorated with sparkling crystals. We love the classy neckline of the dress!

14. Classy prom dress for teens

For prom, you want to look glamorous and this baby blue prom dress is perfect! The prom dress has a prom top and prom skirt, making it look like a lampshade. We love how the prom dress highlights your waistline and the bow in front which gives it a more sophisticated look.


Prom season is just around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about what you want your dress of choice to be. Whether you’re looking for a classic ballgown or something more modern and sleek, we have some awesome prom dresses that will make sure you shine on the dance floor.

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