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5 ways to wear full sleeve T-shirts

by Jasmine

Looking for the best ways to pair your full sleeve T-shirts? Here are some ways just for you. Read on to know all about it. But before that, here are some key points to bear in mind before you buy men’s T-shirts.

Even though t-shirts are one of the most basic attires in a man’s wardrobe, they must be chosen with care. Before you click the checkout button, there are a few things you should think about.

Your unique sense of style.

Are you one of those people that prefers comfort over style? Or are you the type who enjoys keeping up with current events and conforming to them as well? Ask yourself these questions so that the t-shirt you choose straight away represents you and that you don’t feel awkward wearing it. Just like ladies full sleeve T-shirts, full sleeve T-shirts for men, too, need proper guidance and one must be wary of making the right selection.

Your body type

The most common mistake guys make while picking clothing is not noticing how their body types are. Fashion is never a one-size-fits-all. So, what’s the point of buying just for the sake of it? You should know that body types aren’t limited to girls but boys too. Simply lookup Google and you can learn about the different body types to give yourself a good start. If you require additional assistance, ask a fashionista in your friend’s group who can give you helpful tips.

Your ideal fabric

If you have a specific body type, there are certain materials you must avoid because of how they contour around you. The next factor to consider is picking fabric as per the season of the year. You need to wear different materials as per the changing seasons. Consider creating a T-shirt collection that is appropriate for all seasons. In the summer, go with pure cotton or linen, go with knitted fabrics for the winter, and reserve synthetic fabrics for monsoon. Ladies full sleeve T-shirts are one such ideal fashion statement for monsoon or winter-wears. 

Your daily schedule and social calendar.

Full sleeve T-shirts for men are absolutely versatile and can be used to create a fantastic outfit. You can flaunt them anywhere, anytime because of their adaptability. However, it’s not just about proper styling. You need to consider your lifestyle too. Is it necessary for you to spend the majority of your time in formals since your profession requires it? Or do you have a jam-packed schedule that includes both in-office and out-of-office appointments, as well as meetings with friends and coworkers? Align your purchases keeping in mind these factors.

Your preferred colour scheme.

Many people prefer neutrals to anything else, therefore you’ll see them mostly in such hues. On the other hand, some are continually experimenting to identify a favourite colour or simply to keep up with the latest trends all around the year. There is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion as it is simply a matter of preference. You don’t want to look in the mirror one day and realize that the costly t-shirt you bought for a specific shade either makes you stand out too much or brings down your personality.

That said, here are different ways to wear Full sleeve T-shirts for men.

  1. Long Sleeve with a T-shirt beneath

For an ultra-comfy look, wear a long-sleeved T-shirt and pants of the same shade. Wear a half-sleeved T-shirt with a contrasting shade and you will get a simply stunning outfit.

  1. Full sleeve T-shirts with jeans

Is there anything that doesn’t look good with a pair of jeans? The full sleeve T-shirts with classic blue denim jeans for men is simply stunning. Match it with a pair of white sneakers.

  1. Full sleeve T-shirts with dark denim

Achieve new levels of fashion style by pairing your favorite long sleeve T-shirt with a pair of dark denim. The darker the shade, the better, it looks…!!!

  1. Full Sleeve T-shirts with Joggers

The second popular attire next to T-shirts is men’s joggers. That’s right. Men love outfits that can keep up with their fitness and their daily routine easily. Pair your Full sleeve T-shirts for men with a pair of men’s joggers. Complete the look with a cool duffle bag.

  1. Full sleeve T-shirt with shorts

Shorts are one of the best outfits to look cool, chic and comfy. Pair them with full sleeve T-shirts for men and you are all set to look like a fashion wizard. For instance, pair your white shorts with a dark/bold-colored T-shirt and a pair of sneakers if you are planning a trip on weekend.

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