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Windows 8.1 Benefits That You Can Use

by Jasmine
Windows 8.1

As with any Windows-based operating system, Windows 8.1 has its own share of helpful features. These are available to users right from the start, and they can be accessed and used without too much difficulty. One such useful feature is FIM. If you know what IM means, you’re not alone; FIM is the official Italian translation of Internet Message Access Protocol. A protocol that allows real-time communication between computer systems and software. So IMAP and FIM aren’t just about email; they’re also about software and networks. You can get the windows 8.1 product key for windows activation.

But there’s a lot more going on in Windows 8.1 benefits than just IMAP. For example, Microsoft has made it easier than ever for Windows users to use multiple webmail accounts from one PC. With a Windows Exchange Server, a user can set up various email addresses and have all his mail sent to these mailboxes. The number of such mailboxes that can be set up depends on the size of the Windows Exchange Server and how many email account users there are. Read About Pokemon Unite.

Windows 8.1 Features:

Another great Windows 8.1 feature is the menu start option. Which makes it easier than ever for Windows users to get to their desktop. Before Windows 8.1, users had to jump through a series of menus in order to get to the desktop. Which often meant that they missed out on desktop processing power. With the menu Start di Windows 10, everything is made simple, and a Windows user never has to miss out on important tasks because he didn’t know where to find something.

In terms of browser control, the Windows 8.1 browser is faster than the one that was introduced with Windows Vista. Microsoft has made the browsing process smoother and more pleasant to use, thanks to the new Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is also optimized more efficiently compared to Internet Explorer 4, making the browser more useful to Windows users. Internet Explorer now provides search suggestions even if you only enter a city. Name or the name of a search engine in the search box. This means that a Windows user will not only be able to find what he or she is looking for more quickly but he or she will also be able to do so accurately.

Windows XP Home Edition also has a new system utility called System and Security (also known as SHAD). It is a Windows-specific utility that is bundl with Windows 8.1. The System and Security allow Windows users to make privacy, performance, and stability tweaks, as well as to reset preferences. The state unit can be activated with the help of the System and Security utility. The Windows registry has been optimized using the optimized system database, which offers faster and more efficient access to important data and DLLs.

Windows OS X Machines

Another Windows 8.1 feature that can be used to improve your PC’s performance is the Windows Vista-incompatible ” Disable Secure Boot”. This Windows Vista feature enables Windows OS X machines to boot much faster and more reliably than Windows XP. By disabling Secure Boot, Windows boots faster and performs better, regardless of whether you are using Windows XP or Windows Vista. To use this Windows Vista-incompatible Windows feature, you must be in Windows Vista, open the Windows boot menu, click the Boot tab, and select the Disabled or Windows XP ineligible option.

The Windows XP boot configuration can be adjusted by clicking Start, clicking Run, typing “control boot” in the field provided and then pressing OK. XP boot configuration enables different Windows components to compete for system resources. The Windows boot configuration includes various Windows Boot modes, such as Fast Mode, Safe Mode, Recovery Mode, and Non-boot Mode. The Secure Boot utility prevents the Windows XP operating system from booting in Safe Mode, allowing Windows XP to load programs and files faster. It disables Windows XP security features and enables Windows OS X machines to boot more reliably than Windows XP.


Microsoft’s touch technology has revolutionized the way we do many things, including our devices such as the Microsoft Surface. One way that it does this is by having a Windows OS that runs “raw”. This means that, unlike Windows OSes past, Windows 8.1 will load programs and files directly, without being “parted out”. If you’re an ardent Windows XP user, you’ll appreciate these Windows XP-free features. If you’re not, well, it’s time to upgrade your device to a Windows device with a touch screen – and enjoy the productivity gains that come with Windows 8.1.

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