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Styling Tips for Wedding Guests

by Tom
Styling Tips for Wedding Guests

Weddings can be great fun, and it’s an honor to be asked to celebrate with the newlyweds on their special day. While you need to think about getting them a thoughtful wedding gift, organizing transportation, and possible accommodation if they aren’t getting married locally, you will also need to find yourself the perfect outfit for the occasion. It’s important not to upstage the bride, but you still want to make sure that you’re looking your best and like you have made an effort. If you are attending a wedding this year, use these styling tips to help you look and feel great on the day.

What Kind of Wedding is It?

A good place to begin when you’re thinking about how to dress and accessorize for the wedding is what kind of celebration it will be. For example, are the bride and groom throwing a formal affair? Or have they chosen a more rustic, bohemian style for their reception? When you know what the overall theme of the day will be, this will make it easier to choose an appropriate outfit. If they are getting married somewhere with a hotter climate, you’ll also need to make sure that you’re wearing something that will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day as well.

Remember It’s a Wedding, not a Night Club

You should always wear something that you’re comfortable in, and if you prefer more risqué styles when it comes to fashion, this might be what you’re drawn to at first. While there is nothing wrong with being a little bit vampy at a wedding, remember that this is a more formal occasion, you’re not going out clubbing or to a trendy bar in town. Besides, people should be focusing on the bride, not you. You can still look sexy and feel confident in more modest styles that would be more wedding appropriate, and you can see some examples of these stylish designs at the Sweet Salt modest clothing boutique.


Accessories do a lot to make an outfit pop, and you should find some that accent your overall style well to complete the look. If it’s a summer wedding, you could even get yourself a chic sunhat that will provide you shade and protection from the heat while you’re sipping on champagne outside. Statement jewelry can also be a great look, but it would fit better with a dress or outfit that is simpler. Otherwise, it can be a little be overwhelming. More delicate rings, necklaces, and earrings will go well with anything and can add a sense of romance to your outfit, which is perfect for a wedding. Don’t forget to get yourself a smart but comfortable pair of shoes that you can wear all day, too.

Hair and Make-up

Finally, once you have your outfit all picked out, you can think about how to do your hair and make-up. Softer make-up can look better in the daytime, but don’t be scared to add a splash of color with your lipstick choice or a dramatic eyeshadow. When it comes to your hair, don’t be scared to try something different. If you usually wear your hair down, why not give an up-do a try? Or some curls if your hair is always straight? Experiment with a few different looks before the wedding with your hair and make-up until you find the one that you’re most comfortable with. 

If you have a wedding later this year and want to look your best for the big day, use these styling tips to achieve the perfect look.

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