by Jasmine

Knowing how to dress for your body type can take your fashion to the next level. Pear-shaped bodies are gorgeous and will look great in pretty much anything, especially in a stylish shirt dress. A well-designed dress that is perfectly accessorized can give you a unique outfit for any occasion.

1.  Wear Shirt Dresses

A shirt dress gives you a chic look even when worn with sneakers. Whether it’s a maxi or mini, a shirt dress will accentuate your figure and emphasize your natural beauty.

For example, an off-shoulder shirt dress will show off your incredible shoulders, and when you belt it, it will accentuate your narrow waist. You can turn any shirt dress with buttons into an off-shoulder. To do this, make sure you buy a shirt dress that is one size above yours. When wearing it, leave open the top buttons and pull down the fabric around your arms. A floral shirt dress will instantly create a chic off-shoulder shirt dress that flatters your look.

2.  Wear A-line Dresses

An A-line dress with an asymmetric line will show off your neck and accent your waist to create a feminine look and feel.

An A-line dress is often cinched at the waist and flares around the waist. If you are going for an elegant and feminine look, this is the style for you.

Also, dresses with Bardot necklines, strapless top, a fitted open neck, and a v-neckline will look classy and elegant on you. They will emphasize your soft shoulders.

3.  Wear fit and flare dresses

This style will look gorgeous on any body type since fit and flare dresses are incredibly flattering. They create an hourglass silhouette by accentuating a trim waist with wide hips, creating a feminine feel.

4.  Wear Puff Sleeve Dresses

Dresses that have big, puffy, oversized sleeves are flattering to any body type and, more so, a pear-shaped one. They can help to draw attention to your narrow shoulders while at the same time hiding your upper arms. Also, they create a silhouette of a narrow waist while flaring at the hips.

A puff sleeve shirt dress can immediately accentuate the right places and hide away any sections that you do not want to be dominant.

5.  Wear a Bodycon Dress

Bodycon dresses have a clingy material that sticks to the body and shows off all your curves. Pear-shaped bodies already have a trim waist and curvy hips, which is why this style can be incredibly flattering and will make you confident instantly.

However, the clinginess of the material may not be faltering to somebodies, so try it out first. When this dress fits, it is the best way to show off your narrow shoulders, trim waist, and curvaceous hips.   

6.  Wear Wrap Dresses

Wrap dresses are an instant confidence booster since they are designed to accentuate the feminine figure. They allow you to tie your waist in a way that cinches it on the slimmest section to create an overall slim figure. Wrap dresses also have a v-neckline, which can help to enhance your bust while slimming the area around the hips, which makes it ideal for pear-shaped bodies.

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