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High Quality Grillz vs Low Quality Grillz – The Truth Behind The Difference


Do you want to get a new set of shiny grillz? When it comes to this product in particular, we often see two kinds of extremes. On one side, we have the people who tend to over-worry about the possible effects that could derive from its use and which options are the best. These people often spend a long time before deciding to buy a new model, which is not bad but most times unnecessary. Then we have the other extreme, people who will use any grillz they find at the first available or closest store, which needless to say, can be risky. In the following lines, we will inform you all you need to know before buying your set of grillz, and the difference between choosing a great product, compared to a flawed one. So, keep reading and prepare to get your next great set of grillz.

Distinctions between customized and one-fits-all models

If you have been looking for grillz for some time now, you have probably got flooded with a number of options on the internet already. Whether this is coming from unrequested advertising sources or because you are actively looking for providers, it is important to know what you are really looking for before inclining yourself for an alternative. You need to keep in mind that there are ‘universal’ grillz which are aimed to fit anyone, and since you don’t need to go through the fitting process you can receive them very quickly. However, getting a product that is adjusted to your dental features might be worth the time, as well as the extra money. Customized high-quality grillz are often made by expert hands, such as the online store Bling Cartel.

What’s inside of your grillz?

Although there are no studies showing a direct correlation between the use of grillz and oral health problems, you need to take into account that it is not advisable to put some materials in your mouth, regardless of the purpose. Choosing a cheap, low-quality provider who manufactures their grillz out of inadequate base materials an be a source of irritation, discomfort and even allergic reactions. One of the things that you should have in your priority list when looking for grillz, is the composition, which should ideally include pure metals such as gold or silver.

Think about long-term performance

If you are going to invest your time and money in designing the perfect set of grillz, it is very important to pick a supplier that can provide you with a resistant product. Durability is definitely a great asset when purchasing any kind of jewelry, so as you may already know, choosing a timeless material such as gold or silver are your best options in this regard. In addition to this, a pure metal will prevent issues related to humidity such as corrosion. Then, you also want to be able to easily clean your grillz in order to prevent the accumulation of food in them, which can be more attainable when you buy from a trusted store and pair it with good hygiene habits.

Are grills good for your teeth?

There are no studies showing that grills are harmful to the mouth, but neither are there studies showing that their long-term wear is safe. Some grills are made from nonprecious (base) metals that may cause irritation or allergic reactions.

What is the purpose of grillz?

Grillz are removable decorative tooth covers. They are often made of gold, silver or jewel-encrusted precious metals that snap over one or more teeth. They have been around in some form for thousands of years as a way of showing social status but made their way into mainstream pop culture in the early 1980s.

Why do rappers wear grills?

Grills represented the cutting edge of hip-hop culture. Many people viewed grills as a fresh and unique form of expression, and unlike other trends from this time (like Flava Flav’s clock necklace), grills became more than mere costume jewelry in some circles.

Can you eat with grillz?

It is advised that you should not eat and drink while you have your grillz on, as it bad for both your teeth and your grilllz. … The food particles may get stuck between your fronts and tooth which may cause germs to build up and thereby affecting your oral health.

How much is a grill?

The price of grillz varies depending on metal purity, gold weight, design, diamonds or gemstones used, and labor costs. A solid gold tooth made in 10 karat costs around $225, while a 8 teeth in 10K solid gold will cost $895, or just over $110 per tooth.

Are grills permanent?

Grills are generally removable, but some individuals have had their teeth permanently altered to resemble a grill. As with anything that may affect your oral health, it is important to be aware of a number of things when considering wearing a grill.

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