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Grand Seiko Collections: Get to Know Their Amazing History

Grand Seiko Collections Get to Know Their Amazing History

When most people see Seiko, they think about reasonable quartz watches and maybe the particular automatic diver. But most watch enthusiasts know Seiko can literally make luxury watches that can compete with even the most valued Swiss manufacturers. These watches are the Grand Seiko and Credor. We’ll talk more about Grand Seiko. Seiko is, in fact, a very ingenious brand, and they have a very important rank in the watch industry. Grand Seiko was established in 1960 by Daini Seikosha and Suwa Seikosha, two representatives from the Seiko Corporation, and they have a list of luxury watches. They wanted to set up a line of watches that could fight with the Swiss watchmakers. Before this time, only Swiss watches were luxury watches. And they were principal to Japanese watches. The original Grand Seiko was manufactured by Suwa Seikosha.

More History

The first generation of Grand Seiko was qualified with GS cal. 3180; it was the first chronometer-grade watch ever constructed in Japan. The price of the first Grand Seiko was about $3500 now, which is uncommonly expensive, and it has an extravagant value for a Japanese watch. For that price, you could get the greatest Swiss watches. These watches came in either gold-plated cases or platinum cases, although the platinum cases were greater. 

The first breed of Grand Seiko had a few details that would be set up in all following collections. The movement had a crack mechanism, meaning the whole movement would stop when the crown was dragged out to set the time, making for a more systematic time setting. It had a two-phase regulator mechanism, and the standard certificate for its timekeeping was added in the box. While this watch was splendid and the 2nd generation Grand Seiko in 1963 really was of extraordinarily high quality, specifically coming out of Japan.

Collections of Grand Seiko


The Seiko SKX007 is a must-have for any watch collector peddling for about $300. Interestingly, Seiko’s most influential dive watches weren’t made until the past 1900s. This watch uses the 7s26 mechanical movement, which is a less valuable movement than the movement in models like the Seiko Presage or any of the Grand Seiko models. They also have a character for a cloudless day and date window focused on the dial seen through the Hardlex crystal. LumiBrite markers produce long-lasting luminosity and easy visibility in the dimmer. This design has 22mm stainless steel and rubber watch strap alternatives. let’s put in mind the SKX013 has all the same qualities in a smaller 37mm size.


The first thing you’ll see with the Seiko Prospex Orange Sumo is the orange dial. This makes this watch different. Somehow, Seiko has taken a color that most individuals judge is too bright for watches and turned it into the standout quality of a beloved timepiece. There’s a good deal of contrast with the white hour indicators against the orange dial. On this watch, you’re getting an automatic 6R15 movement and a screw-down crown that restricts water and dust from getting in the watch. This watch has a caliber 4r35 automatic movement and self-winding features comes with a 44mm diameter and a water resistance that can last for 200m.

3. The Seiko Alpinist

The Seiko Alpinist has a fairly interesting story. Originally, the watch wasn’t considered a keeper for Seiko enthusiasts. But when its discontinuation was released in 2018, not only did its interest rise, but so did the price. This Seiko Alpinist has a broad variety of interesting details. For one, it exhibits a charming, deep green sunburst dial and mix of gold-tone Arabic numerals and indicators with luminous dot hour flags and hands. They also use cathedral-like minutes and second hands, which include a more elegant touch. It also presents a calendar date window. The Alpinist is commonly seen with a calfskin leather strap, although a stainless steel bracelet choice also applies. If I see someone carrying a green dial watch while going down the street, the first thing that comes to your mind is the Seiko Alpinist. It’s an endless classic from Seiko and no other green dial watch will always be able to one-up it.


The Seiko PADI Solar SNE435 is a cheap dive watch established in partnership with an international diving organization, PADI. PADI’s trademark blue and red color pattern and logo are among the standout design details and are great for you “Pepsi” watch lovers out there. Solar quartzes have high utility and accuracy. No winding is needed, of course, and battery switches are few. If your SNE435 is absolutely powerless, all it needs is 30 minutes to an hour in direct sunlight and it’s ready to go. You get up to 10 months of uninterrupted power when fully solar charged.


Make no mistake: This is a huge, chunky dive watch, still arguably slimmer than its Monster predecessors.

The Monster got its tag because the original had our flags like sharp teeth, coated with a bright lume. That, connected with its clear design, big bezel, and thick hands, made it the nickname “Monster”.

This isn’t a watch you’d put on with a suit. It tones in with casual and smart casual outfits. Still, you may make concessions with your cuffs depending on how closely they dial. Also, it combines perfectly with scuba gear, easily. The SRPD25 marks a dark blue dial, LumiBrite luminescent function on the hands and indicators, and a Hardlex crystal with cyclops date lens.


With several watches on the market, Seiko is a steadily reputable, relatively cheap, and established brand you can rest on for a stable wristwatch. When we say “good” you mean stable, accurate, well-designed, and available at many value points, then yes, Seiko is an excellent watch brand and there’s no doubt that Seiko represents some of the best dress watches. They meet the specifications of any extraordinary dress watch: clean, highly functional, and dazzling to their own class. To check more of our watches, just visit WatchShopping.com and see the best models that will perfectly suit your style and preference.

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