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Reasons Why Tissot Powermatic 80 Is the Best Everyday Watch

Reasons Why Tissot Powermatic 80 Is the Best Everyday Watch

It takes a lot of digging up inside ourselves to know what we want in life. Because sometimes, to pursue the path of our ultimate dreams means being courageous enough to accept whatever may come. The same goes for everything we want, even in choosing what wristwatch we would wear. What others would consider as too bold or eccentric might be what you want. Maybe you want the Tissot Powermatic 80. And yet, you hear that it is a copy of Gerald Genta’s 1970’s retro-chic industrial design of the Royal Oak from Audemar Piguet.

We live in a world that thrives because of constant innovation and reinvention. And a Tissot powermatic is nothing but a 1970’s style translated into a timepiece with less sophistication. If you’re uncertain about buying the model, below are the three aspects of the Tissot Powermatic 80 that make it nothing like the other watches in its league.

1. A Bracelet with Pure Finesse

For the price point of $4000, many watch brands will cut corners, especially with their subparts. But you will not have that with the Tissot Powermatic 80. The powermatic 80 has a well-articulated integrated bracelet that smoothly forms on your wrist. It has vertical brush surfaces that give it a sleek look and satisfying visual impact. When you wear it on your wrist, anyone seeing it will notice the magnificent finish it has. 

To add more flare, the inside parts of the bracelet are also polished and make the watch gleam under the light, as it reflects this small detail. The bracelet tapers down to a 2-button butterfly clasp release to secure the watch, and for adjustments, it has pin-adjustable links and a quick-release, bolt action, spring bar on the back of the bracelet. If you want to change the bracelet of this timepiece, you will have to find a better-integrated bracelet and design for the same price that Tissot Powermatic 80 has- or less. 

But a quality timepiece should only be suitably paired with the same quality material. That’s why the bracelet is practically married to the watch, with its end link that meets this case is fixed and slanted down. With a lug to lug distance of 44.6 -millimeters, you’ll have to be very impractical or wasteful if you attempt to find a replacement.

2. The Automatic Powermatic 80.111

From the bracelet, you must divert your eyes to the caliber inside this timepiece- the biggest differentiator. It has a powermatic 80.111 that is based on a reliable ETA movement, modified to obtain an impressive 80-hours power reserve. With this power reserve you can put the watch down on Friday, put it back again on Monday, and you will still be good to go. You will find yourself wearing it every day though, as it perfectly ticks all the boxes for a perfect everyday luxury sports watch. These include its 100-meters water resistance and automatic movement that powers the mechanism with the wearer’s wrist movement. 

This watch also has a Patented Nivachron balance spring that protects it from shock and magnetism. Essential protection for any mechanism to function, especially when everyday objects around us emit magnetic fields. With the Powermatic 80. 111 movements you are assured of a precise, equipped mechanism letting you have lesser worries in life. 

3. Dressy, Sleek, and Sporty

Finally, we circle back to the part of the watch that is likened to the Royal Oak design. The PRX10 has three various designs: blue, black, and silver with gold accents, all with Tonneau shape cases made of 316 stainless steel. Steel is more anti-corrosive compared to other types of alloy. The design nods back to the industrial 1970’s style but retains a slender dimension, with an 11-millimeters thickness, 40-millimeters case size, and 44. 6-millimeter lug to lug distance. The dial is protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating and rests flat but raised by the shape of the case. 

To add texture to the dial, the waffle pattern finish is noticeable up close, giving the watch a very lean yet sporty style. The dial, adorned with applied steel markers, has the same smooth touch as that of the finely polished case surface, with its brushed and polished accents. A steel-framed date window is located at 3 o’clock with the name Tissot printed at noon. The PRX print, which stands for Precise, Robust, and X for the 10 bar/ 100 meters water resistance rating, is at 6 o’clock along with the words, Powermatic 80. 

The hour markers as well as the minute and hour hands at the center have SuperLuminova, making the watch equipped even in low light settings. The stainless steel second-hand finely sweeps along the minute track and the dial outskirts. The case and dial match the sleek touch of the bracelet. Together they make up a watch that can suit you for special occasions and business meetings and still be comfortable and reliable to wear every day. 

Where to Buy a Tissot Powermatic 80?

If you have finally made up your mind and conclude that the Powermatic 80 is what you always longed for, we recommend you visit an equally reliable luxury watch dealer, WatchShopping. WatchShopping has dedicated watch specialists that can help you throughout your watch purchase. They are positively rated for their customer service and swift and accommodating services. 

To guarantee that they provide only the best and authentic timepieces, they only work with certified watch dealers and shops around the globe. Before each wristwatch is shipped their in-house experts examine their product to ensure that they are in good condition and 100% authentic and included in every purchase is the original manufacturer’s warranty card.

In Conclusion

So is the Tissot Powermatic original? Probably not entirely. But what is originality, but the guts to take something from this world and make it your own? You will probably many inspired individuals create something from what is commonly used and find new form and function from them. 

But the more important question is still if we have enough insanity in our system to reject what others may think and live without limitation and start by buying the watch that we like. When you’re ready to buy Tissot Powermatic 80, don’t forget to visit WatchShopping. 

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