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How to use microcurrent facial machine

by Hassan
microcurrent facial machine

Microcurrent facial machines are a great way to refresh the skin with minimal downtime. This is because they use electrical currents that penetrate through the skin and stimulate collagen production, which causes wrinkles to diminish over time. In addition, microcurrent facial machines also increase blood flow in the treatment area, meaning that you can see improvements in your complexion with this type of device after just one session. The best part about these devices is that there is no pain or recovery period necessary following treatment, so you can keep up with your daily activities without worrying about irritating your skin by doing too much!

Steps of how to use microcurrent facial machine:

1. Cleanse your skin and allow it to dry thoroughly. If you leave any type of lotion or makeup on while performing the treatment, you will not get an accurate reading from the machine.

2. Prepare a bowl of warm water that is a few degrees above body temperature. Place a towel inside to help hold in heat and pull it out frequently while using a microcurrent facial machine on patients with colder skin tones. 

3. Plug in the machine and turn it on at a low setting for assessment purposes before beginning treatments. Run the current over the face around the jawline to determine what strength would be best to use on each individual patient’s skin tone and tolerance level for microcurrent facial machines.

4. Use a cotton pad soaked in vitamin C serum and attach it to the machine. Turn on your device and hold it about an inch away from the face as you move it up along the area where you want to diminish fine lines, such as around the eyes or forehead. It can also be used under the jawline for a slimming effect and on the neck and décolleté (cheeks, nose, lips) if desired. 

5. Spend three minutes per area that you wish to improve with this technique; then remove excess product and disinfect your device before moving on to another section of skin on the face. Remember: don’t do more than one treatment per day! Microcurrent facial machines are meant to be done time for maximum results – not daily.

6. Turn it off, wipe the area down with a towel, and rinse your face to remove any residue that may have transferred during treatment. After using a microcurrent facial machine, you can then follow up with a moisturizer if you desire added hydration.

Always consult with a doctor before using microcurrent facial machines. This is especially important if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker, or have any type of heart condition. As with any new beauty treatment, it is always best to be safe rather than sorry!

Facial Microcurrent uses an electric current that recharges the facial tissues. The conductive gel is initially applied on the face; a dual-tipped cotton-probed device is then rubbed on the skin’s surface to stimulate the muscles that needed treatment. Our body’s own current works in harmony with the electric impulses the microcurrent machine remits. The machine used in this procedure sends painless impulses to the facial muscles thus helping the muscles to relax and recover their strength and re-educate the muscles to return to its original position. Treatment sessions last for about 30 minutes to an hour. A complete treatment course has an average of 10-15 treatments within the first 6 weeks with a recommended once-a-month maintenance treatment. Enjoy your refreshed, rejuvenated complexion! 🙂


Q: How much does a microcurrent facial machine cost?

A: Microcurrent facial machines can range in price, depending on the brand and model. Several well-known brands offer high-quality devices at affordable prices. The average cost of one is about $500 or more.

Q: What are the side effects of using a microcurrent facial machine?

A: There are no known side effects to this particular treatment. However, when you are putting electrical currents over your face, it is important to pay attention to the strength needed for each patient’s comfort level. If you notice any discomfort or pain while receiving treatment, turn off the device immediately and consult your doctor.

Q: How much does it cost to maintain a microcurrent facial machine?

A: Microcurrent machines do not require any maintenance other than wiping down after use for disinfection purposes. The pads used in these devices also only need to be replaced about once every three months, depending on how often multiple people use it. This is a relatively affordable beauty treatment to keep up on!

Q: How often should I use a microcurrent facial machine for results?

A: It is best to use microcurrent machines once per week for maximum results. However, if you are new to this type of treatment, start using it every other week to get used to how your skin reacts. As always, consult with your doctor before beginning any new beauty treatments.

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