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Need a new haircut? Here come hairstyle inspirations!

Need a new haircut - Here come hairstyle inspirations

Do you want a new haircut? Whether short or long, here are seven trendy ideas for your next visit to the hairdresser. We show cuts – plus tips for the bad hair day.

Long bob or tiered cut: how to find the right haircut

Whether long mane or short, fine hair: hairstyles give a woman’s face the right frame. It is important to adapt this to the respective hair type and facial features.

Women who have straight and fine hair should therefore choose different haircuts than women who have medium-length, long or curly hair. For those who are still unsure which hairstyles look best on them, we have put together an overview of the most important facts.

Fine or Thick Hair? These haircuts fit

Hairstyles that give volume are particularly good for fine and straight hair. This includes styling variants that are reminiscent of geometric shapes such as the bob, long bob, or boy cut. The pixie cut also looks great but requires a certain amount of self-confidence.

Do you have straight but thick hair? This allows you to try out different haircuts. If long hair seems too boring or too “heavy” for you, the hairdresser can step through the top hair wonderfully and opt for a classic step cut. This makes the hair fall softer. Also good: a pony. It suits this hair type best. We show you ideas for short hair with bangs.

Hairstyles for thin and curly hair

Anyone who has thin and curly hair prefers a short hairstyleIt makes sense to give the top hair a few levels. After all, geometric hairstyles often look too stiff with frizzy hair. It looks more modern and fresher with a pixie cut. This does not always have to be as short as a rasp. Medium-length haircuts such as our bob hairstyles can also flatter your facial features.

Even curly hair, which has a very strong structure, should be graded slightly so that the hairstyle does not look too compact. We have over 150 hairstyles for curls for inspiration. Otherwise, you can let your creativity run free: whether curly, smooth, or simply pure nature – with this hair structure, (almost) everything is possible with the right styling.

These haircuts will flatter your face shape

Which hairstyles suit which women depend not only on the hair type but also on the shape of the face.

Hairstyles for angular faces

Anyone with a square face should choose soft and feminine haircuts so as not to make the face look even harder. Geometric cuts are rather unsuitable in this case, fringed cuts and a pony on the other hand look feminine. In our photo series Hairstyles for Angular Faces, we have great cutting templates.

Hairstyles for round faces

Even women with a  round face should not go for straight and angular hairstyles, as these make the round face look even wider. For example, a side parting that cheats the face narrower is great. Angled and side bangs can do the same thing. Our photo series ” Hairstyles for a round face ” shows which haircuts and hair colors work optimally.

Hairstyles for oval faces

Oval and heart-shaped face shapes add width to the face with a center parting. A very smooth and long mane, on the other hand, is better avoided, as it makes the face look longer. The face shape is best suited to short hairstyles and geometric cuts, such as the pixie cut or bob hairstyles.

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