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Everything you need to know about Aeration of Emerald Zoysia

by James
Emerald Zoysia

Every living thing needs food, water, sunlight, and air to grow and thrive. If a single of these elements is absent, then the growth will become slow. Many times, people complain that they are doing everything still the health of the Emerald Zoysia is decreasing. Upon inspection, it is understood that lack of aeration was the reason for deteriorated health.

Defining Aeration for Emerald Zoysia

The ground on which the sod grass is laid has to breathe. To do so, holes have to be made in the soil. It has to be noted that aeration must be done once when the ground is being prepared for installation.

Why Aeration is the Best for the Lawn?

When there is heavy foot traffic on the sod grass, the grass is pushed down and blocks the possibility of oxygen reaching the soil. This stops the growth of the grass, so it is vital to aerate the soil.

When should Aeration be done?

The time of aeration is different for both warm and cold seasons grass. Aeration should be done during autumn and spring for cool weather grass. Early summer and late spring is the best time for warm-season sod grass.

What is the Next Step After Aeration?

It is vital to leave the plugs after aeration on the grass to be mixed with the rest of the soil. They will crumble and break down with rain and serve as a fertilizer.

Tools Best for Aeration Technique for Wholesale Sod

There are three types of tools that are the best for different kinds of Zoysia including Jamur Zoysia. The following are the three tools that will be the best for the aeration technique.

Slicing Aerator

The slicing aerator will slice the soil into portions; so that room is made for the deeper part of the ground. Although the holes are created the plugs are not taken out.

Plug Aerator

This kind of aerator takes out the soil in the form of plugs. The plugs are removed entirely from the sod grass you ordered from companies like Atlanta Sod Farms. Different tools are used to determine the depth of the plugs.

Spike Aerator

Sandals with spikes are used for the smaller areas, but for more prominent locations, had-driven rollers with spikes are ideal. Also, this spike aerator can be attached to a mower or small tractor.

What Steps have to be Taken for Aeration?

It should be noted that the process of aeration is essential because if it is not done correctly, then the growth of the sod grass will not be in the right direction. So, the following steps have to be taken.

Apply Water for Hydration 

If the grass seems to be dry, then it is vital to apply water and hydrate it. In this way, the plugs will be removed easily. Also, other debris can be taken out without any effort.

Using Tools Several Times

Using the aeration tool only once is not enough because sometimes the soil is more complex, and it takes time and several tries to properly pull out the plugs. The devices have to be used at least three times.

Dry Out the Plugs

When the plugs are removed, they have to be left on the ground to be dried out. They can either be left on the ground to be mixed in the soil or broken down.

What are the Benefits of Aeration?

Aeration has many benefits to give to the sod grass as well as the soil. These benefits are as follows;

  1. Air is one of the essential natural elements to keep the grass healthy. Aeration removes plugs from the soil to provide space or oxygen to the roots of the grass.
  2. Thatch is the dead grass that gathered on top and made it hard for the grass to breathe. Aeration removes the layer of dead grass; so that nutrients reach the grass.
  3. Sometimes water puddles are created. Aeration creates plugs that allow water to penetrate the soil.

It should be clear by now that aeration is vital for the proper development of Emerald Zoysia and how the process is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you aerate sod?

It has been recommended to aerate the Emerald Zoysia at least two times a year. But when you see that the grass is getting drier despite applying proper water, it means to aerate the soil.

Can you walk on the lawn after aeration?

After aeration, the plugs of the sod grass are scattered all over to mix with the soil and act as a fertilizer. So, it is not recommended to walk on the grass for at least one or two days.

Do you rake up plugs after aeration?

You shouldn’t pick up the plugs after aeration and let them crumble and mix with the soil.

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