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Hair Perfume – You should know about the trend

Hair Perfume - You should know about the trend
Do you dream of fragrant hair with long-lasting freshness? Then hair perfume should definitely not be missing from your beauty shelf. We’ll tell you why here.

Many women keep doing something wrong without knowing it. You spray some perfume on your hair after showering and washing your hair to keep it smelling fresh and irresistible for longer. That sounds understandable at first, after all, our hair absorbs a lot of odors throughout the day, but it’s not good for the hair.

This is where hair perfume, also known as “hair mist” in the beauty world, comes into play. Hair is a predestined scent carrier, because of its surface it can absorb scent molecules extremely well and thus ensure long-lasting freshness.

What is a hair perfume?

Whether gently flowery, mossy-woody or woody-oriental –  hair perfumes Like normal perfumes, they come in a wide variety of scents.

Hair perfumes are particularly convincing due to their particularly light and mild texture and the nourishing ingredients such as camellia and argan oil and many other rich oils, because they pamper our hair with a silky shine and at the same time with a beautiful fragrance without weighing the hair down. The scent ensures freshness as if you had just washed your hair fresh. Many “Hais Mists” also contains a reliable UV filter, which protects the hair extensively from sun damage and in some cases also prevents electrostatic charging.

What is the difference to conventional perfume?

Compared to conventional perfume, hair perfume has significantly less or no alcohol at all. That’s a good thing because if the high alcohol content were also contained in the hair perfume, your hair would dry out much faster.

Why is a hair perfume recommended?

There is now a large selection of hair fragrances. Due to their delicate, restrained fragrances, they are by no means intrusive, so that you can also use them perfectly for long everyday office life. Better still: With the help of a hair perfume, unpleasant odors such as smoke, frying fat or cooking vapors, which quickly get stuck in the hair and linger there for some time, are neutralized and replaced with a pleasant, fresh scent. The best thing, however, is that you don’t even need many spritzes of the hair perfume for this, because it should be used sparingly. In addition, a “hair mist” is significantly cheaper than a conventional perfume.

Does every hair need a specific hair fragrance?

Every hair is different, be it blonde, brown, red, or black. However, they all have something in common: the hair is surrounded by microscopic scales. If the hair is healthy, the scales form a smooth and shiny surface. However, this can also be rough and lackluster, due to substances such as alcohol, which destroy the cuticle.

However, different hair colors do not require a specific hair perfume for a long time. The most important thing when buying a hair fragrance is that you pay attention to the ingredients so as not to overly stress your hair.

How do you use hair perfume?

Hair perfume gives your appearance a fresh kick, especially when the next hair wash is not yet necessary, but the hair should still smell good. Simply spray two to three sharpeners of the hair perfume from a distance of about 20 to 30 centimeters on your dry and already styled hair – done. Now your scent in your hair can develop optimally, smell intense but not intrusively for a few hours and accompany you reliably through the day.

How long does the fragrance last in the hair?

The hair scent can last up to six hours. The reason for the relatively short shelf life is the lower alcohol content compared to conventional perfume. If the hair perfume does not smell intense enough for you, you can always freshen up the fragrance with one or two new sprays. Even if hair perfume does less harm than normal perfume, you should always pay attention to its consumption.

Can I wear my normal perfume in addition to the hair perfume?

You don’t want to do without your normal perfume in addition to your hair perfume? No problem! Just make sure that the scents harmonize with each other and do not “bite” each other. For example, a floral-rosy perfume goes best with a hair perfume that also shows rosy nuances. Numerous brands, including Dior, now offer perfectly coordinated fragrances for skin and hair and Thierry Mugler, matching perfumes and hair perfumes.

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