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Top 10 reasons To Learn Automation Testing

Top 10 reasons To Learn Automation Testing

Automation testing is a very important process for any company as developing a product must have tests in place. Therefore testing a product is an essential part of product development, especially in terms of guarantee and quality. Automation testing promotes delivering a strong product. For organizations, it is necessary to have tests in place but it is also important how they run these tests. Here comes the vital role of Automation testing which means automating your testing process to get results faster. 

In today’s complex digital world it is very difficult and challenging for organizations to manage the quality of their web applications. This is all because of the increasing and rapid use of advanced technologies. But due to the limited time slot in agile development and cost factors, testing of the products misses the attention it deserves. It is also witnessed here that lack of proper testing results in bad/low-quality products, late deliveries, unsatisfied customers, and increased costs. For these unwanted situations, the reasons can be unplanned test management processes, delay in development, and underestimated effort of creating a test case. Here we can see the crucial role of automation testing. So many training providers are offering automation testing online training to help employees solve testing issues in companies. 

Here we are going to discuss some of the important reasons to learn automation testing. 

What is Automation Testing?

Automation Testing is known as the process of creating and developing a product or a piece of software, and frequently putting it through many tests until you get it right and perfect. It also refers to a part of the product development cycle that can ensure your product is as good as you want it to be delivered to customers or users.  It tests software and other tech products to ensure it meets strict requirements. In this process, products are double-checked to confirm that the software or equipment does exactly what it was designed to. 

Automation testing involves software testing techniques and is performed using special automated testing software tools in order to test case suites. It is different from manual testing which is performed by a human sitting in front of a computer carefully monitoring and executing the test steps. This special software can also enter test data into the System Under Test, compare actual and expected test results, and provide detailed test reports. This lengthy process requires a considerable investment of time, money, and resources. Some of the successive product development cycles require the execution of some test suits frequently and repeatedly. 

Nowadays, the Automation Testing process has become more advanced and more sophisticated. It tests for defects, bugs, and any other issues that might arise with the product development cycle. 

Top 10 Reasons To Learn Automation Testing.

In several companies, automation testing is being utilized. So many people want to know the benefits of implementing it and also making a career in this domain. Let us have a look at some features to learn automation testing. 

  • Cost-Efficient and Time-saving- Many experts advised implementing automation testing as it helps reduce cost as well as it can save a lot of time that might be wasted in wrong processes. The repeatability, functionality, and usability of automation testing make it quite attractive and beneficial in terms of economic efficiency. So your team has to spend less time validating newly developed features. 

It can also improve communication between departments like design, marketing, or product owners who trust the results of these tests by checking the automated tests’ logs and seeing what’s going on. 

  • Faster Feedback Cycle- Providing faster feedback is one of the important benefits of automation testing. Without this process, feedback for newly developed features can take a long time but automation testing can reduce the feedback cycle duration and provide faster validation for processes in the development of your product. 
  • Increases Test frequency- With automation testing companies can perform more tests as they are fully automated. So it increases test coverage and plays a vital role when you need to prioritize the critical processes that require a thorough investigation for the false alarm. Therefore the more you implement tests, the increased test coverage gives you an opinion of what else could be tested. 
  • Reusability of Test Suites- In the automation testing process building your own test suit is challenging. But once it’s created it’s very clear and straightforward to reuse tests for other uses and other projects. It also can be used for another project to your automated test suite. You can use CI ( continuous integration) pipeline tools and replicate your knowledge to set up your test automation for a new project. 
  • Improve Test accuracy- As human errors are inevitable when we are testing through humans. But automation testing can improve a tester’s motivation, accuracy, and efficiency. After the automation testing process, organizations can solve tricky situations strategically.
  • Less Workload on Employees- Human testing process is a tedious job, but when you implement automation testing it only focuses on important tasks. It results in a less strenuous office environment and there is less strain on your employees.
  • Load Testing- Automation testing also can perform load testing which refers to a collective examination of stress testing, spike testing, soak testing, load testing, endurance testing, etc. Here these testing processes can diminish human input and emulate a load test in less or no time with accuracy about user behavior. 
  • Fast Product Launching In the Market- With automation testing, companies can continuously test and validate newly developed features of products that can reduce the testing and feedback cycle. So it is helpful to bring company products to the market faster.
  • Better and Meaningful Insights- it is also one of the most important benefits of automation testing that it can provide companies better, improved, and meaningful insights than manual testing. It can also show you data tables, memory contents, file contents, and many other internal program states. 
  • Many Other features- Automation testing can provide you with many more other features like simulating virtual users interacting with your web application to see how the application behaves. This unique feature is only possible with automation testing that is helpful, saving a lot of time.

So the mentioned reasons are quite enough to start learning automation testing that can be very useful for future planning. 

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