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Everything You Need to Know About Dream11 – Best fantasy sport app

Dream 11 Best fantasy Sport app

Dream11 Owners Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth founded the company in 2008. Four years later in 2012, they introduced freemium fantasy sports in the Asian nations for cricket fans.

What is dream11?

Dream11 is an Indian fantasy sports platform that allows users to play fantasy cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, and basketball. In April 2019, Dream11 became the first Indian gaming company to enter the “Unicorn Club”.

Dream11 is a Game of Skill where you create a team of real players for an upcoming match and compete with other fans for big prizes.

On 18 August 2020 Dream11 won the rights for the 2020 Indian Premier League sponsorship for ₹ 2.22 billion after technology company Vivo pulled out for a year. In August 2020, The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), announced Dream11 as the Official Partner for the Indian Premier League. Additionally, the ‘Official Fantasy Game’ of IPL will also be powered by Dream11.

Dream11 provides a fantasy gaming platform for multiple sports such as cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi, hockey, volleyball, handball and baseball. It is an online game where users create a virtual team of real-life players and earn points based on the performances of these players in real matches. A user who scores the maximum points in their joined contests attains the first rank on the leaderboard. Dream11 offers free and paid contests. A user has to pay a certain fee to join a contest and can win real cash. 

How to play dream11 cricket?

  1. Select A Match
  2. Create Your Teams
  3. Join Contests
  4.  Follow the match

1. Select A Match

Sign in to your Dream11 account and afterward select any of the matches which will be noticeable from the current or upcoming cricket competitions. Presently, before you continue towards making your Fantasy XI team – and you need to remember that you put into mind your insight and mastery and judgment and pick the players who you think will assume a vital part in scoring focuses.

Dream11 hosts games across many different sports. Click on a forthcoming match you need to play and watch out for the match deadline. Each cricket team you build on Dream11 must have 11 players, of which a limit of 7 players can be from anyone group playing the real-life match.


2. Create Your Teams

Now, the time has come when you can create your team with a budget of 100 credits! All you need to do now is to select a game and then click the option ‘Create Team’ which is at the bottom left corner.  All you need to do is to pick a minimum of 1 wicket-keeper, between 3 to 5 batsmen, and then 1 to 3 all-rounders as well as 3 to 5 bowlers – the summation of all players should be equal to 100 credits. 

The different combinations are already listed there. You can pick and choose what you think is the best combination for the particular match. Use your knowledge of sports to pick a team within a budget of 100 credits who you think will score the most points for the selected match. Remember, you can create and join contests with up to 11 teams for every match, so try different combinations to improve your chances of winning.

After picking the team, you have to select your team’s Captain and Vice-Captain. The captain gets two times the points scored by him in the actual game. Also, the vice-captain gets one and a half times the points. You can create up to 5 teams and can participate in a single game.


3. Join Contests

We have many different contest formats for you to join. Choose between free and paid contests, or even create a new private contest just for you and your friends. You play your way!

Join with more teams in multiple entry or Grand League contests. You can make up to 11 teams to participate in a match. Joining with multiple contests with the teams and different combinations gives you a better shot at Winning Money with Fantasy Cricket.


4. Follow the match

Once a match is live, you can follow your contest leaderboards to see how you’re performing against your competition.


Dream11 Winning Strategy – How to win dream11?

Dream11 has brought a revolution in the cricket-crazy nation. In this section, we will get an idea of how to win in dream11 fantasy cricket. Of course, there is no one formula but it is making the most of your skill and making informed decisions. So, what are these informed decisions?

We will also reveal some vital tips on how to Create a Winning Dream11 Team. Should we begin? Let’s go!

Dream11 requires a lot of understanding and strategic planning to nail every match. So, here are the top 6 tips to help you win more matches and earn more money!


1. Play Selective Matches

You should avoid playing every match in an attempt to make more money. This is one of the biggest mistakes that beginners make on the app. You should avoid doing this if you want to earn money from fantasy sports.


2. Research Beforehand

Research is the key to laying down a strong foundation in fantasy sports. You should research on:

  • Stats about players’ recent performances
  • How the pitch behaves
  • Squad information
  • How teams perform batting first vs chasing
  • How the players perform at certain venues or versus certain teams

This is not only useful in understanding how the game works but also be confident before you get into a match.


3. Create An All-Rounder’s Team

After researching comes the part where you have to create a team in Dream11. A key tip to winning is focusing on making a team of all-rounders. This gives you more points for both batting and bowling. Moreover, these are amazing options for captaincy as well. Furthermore, you should pick powerplay and death-overs bowlers in limited over matches. This is because the chances of picking wickets are high.


4. Don’t Invest All Your Money In One Match

A very big mistake that Dream11 players make is that they invest all their money in a single match. Just because you won a match or two, does not mean you will win the next one too. So, avoid losing all your money and play safe.

Moreover, you should invest an equal amount of money in every match. For example, if you have Rs.10000 you should divide it into 10 parts of Rs. 1000 each. This is a great way of earning more in the long run on Dream11.


5. Take Risks

Taking a risk on one or two players can help you win big in Dream11.

Moreover, Dream11 shows you the selection percentage of players. This helps you in understanding and taking a risk on some players. This actually works wonders for the most part. However, you have to note that no player will perform the same way in every match. This is where the tip of researching comes in handy.


6. Selecting Your Captain And Vice-Captain Wisely

A captain and vice-captain play a crucial part in your team. Choosing the right captain and vice-captain for your team can be a game-changer. This determines majorly whether you will win big or lose.

The captain of your team gives you two times the points scored by him/her and the vice-captain gives 1.5 times the points scored. The research comes in here again and it helps you select the right players.

Also, Dream11 shows you which players are people’s top choice for captaincy and vice-captaincy. So, this helps you a lot in making the right choice.

We hope that these tips help you bag more money in the game and have a great experience!


How dream11 works?

Do you think making money in India is tough? Then read The fantasy geek dream11’s fighting With court and other local players. Have you ever wondered who legalized fantasy sports in India? The answer is Dream11. 


Dream11 doesn’t monetize their business with Google advertisements or other advertising agencies. They are just earning the commission for hosting fantasy games on their platform. Initially, they tried Google Ad-sense but now they stopped everything to give an easy and fast user experience to their users. Do you know only ten percent of the players in Dream11 play paid contests? This is a very big thing as converting free users to paid is very tricky and costly.


Dream11 is the First ever app to start a private fantasy gaming application in India. It supports all the above three kinds of gaming methods for fantasy sports users to earn money.


They charge more than 20% fee on overall money collected in a grand or small league. The commission is fixed for any contest you play. While the commission is very low on other websites like Halaplay or MyTeam11. They are even not charging for private contests. But why do people still prefer to play in Dream11? The answer to this question is very straight forward but you need to find it out.


Freedom to create your own personalized contest is best to deal with when you are playing with your friends or teams. Still, you have to pay a minimum 20% fee to dream11. So they are earning while you are playing and enjoying your game.


Dream11 is a Game of Skill where you create a team of real players for an upcoming match and compete with other fans for big prizes.

How dream11 works

Your team earns points based on your players’ performances in the real-life match, so make sure you make the right choices!


How to get dream11 coupon code?

Dream11 is India’s most prominent sports game website with more than seven crore users altogether. You can explore different teams and matches according to your interest. You can even participate in cash contests and get incredible rewards by playing your favorite game. Get the latest coupons for the best fantasy gaming experience. With the fantasy app, you mostly get cashback offers for different e-wallets. Dream11 offers cashback on different modes of payments such as PhonePe, Amazon Pay, PayPal, etc. Dream 11 is one of the most popular sites to play Fantasy cricket games in India.


Below are some websites where you will find all the latest Dream11 offers, coupons, and promo codes that you can use to save money on Dream11.







How to use cash bonus in dream11?


What is the Cash Bonus of Dream11?

Cash Bonus is referred to as an amount you get through Dream11’s refer and earn program. You can refer Dream11 to your friends and earn Rs. 100 dream11 coupon code as a joining bonus. For you to get the Rs.100 cash bonus, your friend must play in cash contests worth Rs.300 of entry fees. For e.g., If your friend joins a cash contest with Rs.15, a cash bonus of Rs.5 will be added to your Dream11 account once winners for that match are declared.


A cash bonus is given as a freebie to users by Dream11. You can use it to join any public cash contests. It is valid for 14 days from the date it is credited, and the one with an earlier expiry date is used before. Head to My Balance > Cash Bonus to view your cash bonus balance. 


Note: Cash bonus can be neither transferred, nor withdrawn. 


How to get Cash Bonus in Dream11?

You’ll get a cash bonus every time your friend joins cash contests. Your cash bonus amount will be equal to 1/3rd of your friends’ entry fees amount. Remember, your cash bonus will be added to your Dream11 account only after the winners have been announced for the particular match your friend has joined cash contests for.


Follow these simple steps to earn cash bonus in Dream11:

  1. Download the Dream11 Fantasy Cricket App to get ₹100 as a cash bonus.
  2. After that, sign up using your Google account or Facebook account
  3. To refer and earn, click on the “Me” option.
  4. Now click on the “Invite Friends & Get Rs 100” yellow button.
  5. You’ll receive cashback in your Dream11 wallet.


How to Make Use of Cash Bonus in Dream11?

Once you receive the cash bonus after signing up or referring a friend, you can use it as entry fees to take part in a contest. But these cash bonuses cannot be used in private contests & in contests with less than 10 members. Furthermore, you can use the cash bonus of a maximum of Rs.50 per match to join public contests with 10 or more than 10 players.


How to delete team in dream11?

While deleting a team is not an option, you can:

1️. Edit the team you created or

2️. Create a new team and switch it with the earlier one


How to delete contest in dream11?

We’re sorry, but once a user has joined a contest, it cannot be opted out from. The system prompts every user twice before confirming their participation in any contest and also shows the account balance, along with the entry fee which is being deducted from the account balance at the time of entry into each contest.


In case the contest is not full before the deadline, it will be automatically canceled and you will receive the entry fee back in your Dream11 account.


How to delete dream11 account?

How to Delete Dream11 Account – If you are looking for a specific and simple guide to delete Dream 11 account, then you are in the right place. Continue reading for the step-by-step guide on How to Delete Dream11 Account Permanently.


Sounds simple enough? Many people sign up on this platform in order to win some big bucks. But little do they know, that in order to be successful on Dream11 you need to have great analytical skills. You need to anticipate how a player is going to perform in an upcoming match.


If you are reading this means you have not found success on Dream11 or you have not received the ROI you were expecting and want to know how to delete your Dream11 account? No worries we got you covered.


There are 2 ways to delete your Dream11 Account –

  1. Temporarily Suspending your account via the Info setting.
  2. Permanently Deleting your account by sending mail to the Dream11 Support Team.


1. Temporarily Suspending your Account

Maybe all you want is a break from playing Fantasy Cricket on Dream11. For that, you do not need to permanently delete your Dream11 account. Dream11 has an option to Temporarily Suspend your Dream11 Account. 


Follow the steps given below to temporarily Suspend your Dream11 Account –

  1. Click on the top left corner on your Avatar icon in your Dream11 App. Then you’ll be able to see the menu given below.

Temporarily Suspending you Account Step 1

2. Click on “My Info & Settings” Options. After that you’ll see the screen given below.

Temporarily Suspending you Account Step 2

3. After that, you have to click on the “Suspend Account” Option. After that the page given below will appear.

Temporarily Suspending you Account Step 3

4. Here you can select the duration of the suspension. During this time you can access the Dream11 App, but you won’t be able to participate in any Contest.


2. Permanently Deleting your Account by contacting Dream11 Support Team

If you have made up your mind to delete your Dream11 account permanently. Follow the steps given below –

1. Click on the “More Button” in the Bottom Right Corner of your Dream11 App.

Permanently Deleting your Account by contacting Dream11 Support Team step 1

2. Then you’ll be able to see the screen below, click on the “HelpDesk” Option.

Permanently Deleting your Account by contacting Dream11 Support Team step 2

3. After that scroll to the bottom and select “Contact Us”.

Permanently Deleting your Account by contacting Dream11 Support Team step 3

4. By Clicking that you’ll be directed to a page, where you’ll have to login again and then select a request which is “Account Suspended”. After that you simply have to write a message like “Hello Sir, I want to permanently delete my Dream11 account ”.

5. After that, you just have to wait for the Support team to contact you & then they will take care of the rest.

So this is how you delete the dream11 account permanently. Maybe you didn’t like Dream11 because it had a lot of competition. But there are a lot of other Daily Fantasy Sports Sites that you can try, which have lower competition & some of them offer attractive welcome Bonuses.

Everything can be hacked. But how much knowledge you have regarding hacking techniques matters there. It’s better to make a good captain and play well instead of learning those techniques which leads to a waste of time if you are busy with some work.

Keep playing and winning on Dream11.

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