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All You Need To Know About Organic Dog Treats

by Tom
All You Need To Know About Organic Dog Treats

All pet food should be natural and free of any chemicals. It should not contain high sodium and fat content ingredients as they are harmful to dogs. Processed foods, which include bacon, are also not good for them. Organic dog treats are best for pets as they are natural, and nothing has been added to them. Many dog treats companies declare their pet food as natural and organic. However, they don’t meet the FEDIAF labelling guides.

All vets recommend natural dog treats as they are not processed and do not include chemical preservatives. It even improves their immunity strongly and improves their digestion, which leads to their good physical and mental health. It even maintains the dog’s weight and helps in the formation of RBCs (Red Blood Cells). Natural treats which are raw and air-dried include all the nutrients required for a dog and are best for improving their health.

What kind of dog treats are harmful?

Be very careful while selecting your dog treat. Also, you must take some simple measures when choosing them because some pet food is very harmful to pets, and these typical foods may even surprise you. Your dog food should avoid any kind of chemical preservatives, flavouring and even sugar.

Pet food, which is very sweet, baked food and even candy, is not suitable for them as they drop their blood sugar, causing liver failure which can risk their lives. The early symptoms may include coordination issues, lethargy and liver failure. Even alcohol can affect your dog’s liver, and it is harmful to dogs in the same way as humans. If your dog is small, then it can be even more dangerous. Even a tiny amount of alcohol consumption can cause vomiting, breathing issues, coma and even death.

You should always keep in mind to feed your dog in the proper quantity. The most healthy foods also become unhealthy if they are not provided in appropriate amounts. Also, overfeeding your dog can be very dangerous for them, and one important point to keep in mind is that fresh drinking water must be available for them.

What type of nutrients is essential for pet foods to include?

Your dog’s daily diet must include nutrients like carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, proteins, and fats. The molecules required for an animal’s daily function include simple sugars and amino acids at the biological level. Water is an essential nutrient needed for the pet to survive. Pets should be hydrated by drinking plenty of water from time to time, especially in summers. Your pet even needs calcium which it can get from dairy or even egg shells.

All the organic dog treats which are rich in fibre help the dogs in the digestion process and even improve their digestive health.

The four main types of dog food are:

  1. Kibble/dry: Dry Dog food is called kibble. It is the most inexpensive dog food, which is one of the main reasons why people prefer buying it. It even keeps the dog’s teeth healthy, but you must always read the ingredients mentioned carefully if you want to ensure your dog has organic food.
  1. Canned: Canned dog food is wet and is prepared by mixing vitamins into a processed loaf which is then packaged into a container.
  1. Semi-moist: It generally contains more sugar and salt than dry or canned dog food, so it is inappropriate for some dogs. It even includes 60-65% water and is more costly than dry food.

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