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How Can You Make Your Cat More Comfortable at the Vet?

by Tom
How Can You Make Your Cat More Comfortable at the Vet

Sometimes going to see the doctor or the dentist can fill a person with dread, but it is important to see healthcare professionals if you think something might be wrong. The same rule applies to your cat, and while taking them in to see the vet is good for their well-being, it might be an experience that also makes your animal nervous and agitated. If you have noticed that every time you are taking your cat to the vet it seems to be frightened, here are some tips that might help make the experience more positive for them.

Prepare Carriers

Being in a carrier can be stressful for cats as they can often feel trapped and start to panic. If you have noticed this is a problem for your pet cat, there are some things you can do to try to ease their anxiety and stress when they are in a carrier. Firstly, put a blanket down to make the carrier more comfortable and warmer for them while they travel. You can also purchase pheromone sprays to use in the interior of the carrier that can help to calm your cat’s nerves. You might also want to cover the carrier with a blanket, as the dark could help your cat to feel safer and perhaps even drift off to sleep.

Find a Friendly, Trustworthy Vet

If you have ever seen a doctor that is cold or rude, you will know how uncomfortable that can make you feel. While your cat might not understand what the vet is saying, if they are rough with your cat or are unfriendly, this can be distressing for your pet. Make sure that you find a vet who is friendly and trustworthy, with positive recommendations, like these vets in Iowa Colony, TX. Not only will this help to make your cat feel more comfortable, but it will give you peace of mind as well.

Try to Keep Them Away from Other Animals

This might not always be easy, but where possible, try to keep your cat in its carrier away from other animals in the clinic waiting room. Keeping their carrier covered with a blanket may continue to help steady your cat’s nerves, but if dogs or other animals are sniffing around them or growling, this can be distressing. If the clinic is busy, consider placing the carrier on your lap so that your cat is closer to you

Have Treats Ready

You might also find that taking some treats with you to the vet can help make the experience more pleasant. Your cat might not be interested in them at first if they are more preoccupied with what is going on around them, but it can be good to reward them at the end of their appointment. If you do this each time, hopefully, your cat will start to associate the vets with treats. If you’re worried about your cat feeling sick in the car, wait until you get them home to give them treats and comfort them. If you want your cat to start feeling more comfortable when you take them to the vet, consider these tips and see if they can work for your furry friend.

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