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Drug overdose treatment, symptoms, signs, and prevention

by Jasmine
Drug overdose treatment

Drug overdose is taking a cumbersome quantity of a drug. Whether the drug is illegal or legal, it
doesn’t matter; as long as you use too much of the drug, it may act as a poison. The way we
react to medications is different; you may be strong enough to withstand an overdose, while for
another patient, it can lead to unconsciousness amid other conditions. Sometimes, overdosing
may not be an intentional act for the user. This guide will explain the signs, symptoms,
prevention, and treatment of drug overdose. By the way, check this perfect substance abuse
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● What are the signs of a drug overdose?

There are different signs and symptoms someone may exhibit when there’s a drug overdose.
The extent of the symptoms will depend on the type of drug being overdosed. Some
medications can be deadly when overdosed, while other drugs will show long-term signs to stop
the overdosing. Some of the signs and symptoms for drug overdose include,

  1. Convulsions
  2. Vomiting and Nauseous feeling
  3. Slow breathing (emergency signal)
  4. Unconsciousness (emergency signal)
  5. Drowsiness
  6. Understanding difficulty
  7. Uncoordinated actions
  8. Sight struggles
  9. Hallucination
  10. Quiet activities and many more.
    ● What can you do if you suspect a drug overdose case?
    The best thing to do when you suspect a drug overdose case is to call for help. Before the help
    comes, try as much as possible to monitor their pulses and breathing till the service comes. If
    the patient has difficulty breathing, you can tilt the head a little and lift the chin. This position will
    give them a clear entry of air which should aid their breathing. If the patient is vomiting
    effortlessly, check for blood particles to ensure they’re not losing blood. On no account should
    you try to induce vomit.
    ● Why do people take drug overdose?
    As an educated person, you’ll expect anyone to read the instructions of usage on any drug
    before using the medicine – but this isn’t always so. For some people hardly read the drug
    dosage before using it. Some of the reasons for drug overdose include;
  11. Age: Young and older people who can’t read clearly may take a drug because it has a
    sweet taste(for the young person) or because it has worked for an ailment in the past.
  12. Addiction: An ex-addict has overdosed on a hard drug before and can permanently
    derail into another overdose.
  13. Mental disorder: For someone who has a mental illness, they may mistake a drug for
    another liquid and take an overdose.
    ● How can you prevent drug overdose?
    Preventing an overdose is not precisely a challenging process, as long as you’re watchful. You
    must try as much as possible to store drugs properly – in places where a child, an ex-addict, or a
    mentally ill patient can’t just reach. After holding the drugs correctly, you need to watch your
    loved ones, especially if they have a history of addiction or mental illness. Ensure all drugs
    necessary are used according to the doctor’s prescription. Look out for early signs if you don’t
    trust them.
    ● How can you treat a drug overdose?
    If you don’t have the medical know-how, the best step is to take the patient to the hospital. At
    the hospital, they may use Injections, inducing vomits, amongst other methods to cure the
    overdose. The type of drug being abused is, however, going to influence the mode of treatment.

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