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Best Video Marketing Statistics To Generate More Leads For Your Business

Best Video Marketing Statistics To Generate More Leads For Your Business

Ask yourself, do you want to watch a review video or want to read about it from a blog? For many people, the first option is more preferable. This is the truth of online marketing in 2021. People are more interested in watching a video than reading about it. With each passing hour, the marketing industry is getting more competitive. More brands are now coming in the race to get the attention of online audiences. So it is obvious to find out the best strategies that allow you to generate more leads for your business & also helps in video marketing stats and this blog is all about those strategies, so let’s begin. 

1- Focus On Your Customer

One of the things that many people forget when creating a video marketing campaign for the business is that they don’t think about the specific niche. We all know how on-demand content overtook television. More than 60% of the people prefer watching videos online instead of watching Tele. When describing your video marketing strategies, you need to put your potential customers in front and center. You can start by envisioning the ideal customer for your business. Then, you need to add in age, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, and other things. It allows you to chalk out their likes and persona, giving you a clearer picture of who could be your ideal buyer.

Once you have found out the ideal buyer, you can make video content that suits their liking and decide the video’s tone. During the shoot, edit, and scripting of your video, it is necessary to keep your customers’ expectations in mind for better results. 

2- Keep Your Brand Image In Focus

More than 65% of the consumers who purchase a product online buy it only after watching the brand’s video. So when you are creating a video using tools like InVideo, Adobe premiere, or others, make sure your video is relevant to your brand image and conveys the right message. It can be done by using the brand colors, logo, and tagline for the promotional video. In addition to this, if you keep on using the same color and format for your video, this will help build the trust of your brand in your customer’s minds. 

On the other hand, if by some reason you have to make a change in logo or the color of your content, then it should be rolled out on all the social platforms; that way, your customers and followers on different platforms will tune with all your branding updates.

3- Schedule Your Content

Video marketing statistics require you to be consistent in your approach to uploading videos. Consistency in digital marketing is one of the critical aspects of being successful. You should know that creating a video takes more time and effort than writing a blog about it. The content might be the same in both of these, but video requires shooting and editing. As a result, planning becomes necessary.

Once you outline your basic schedule, you need to stick with it. Also, to create realistic targets, you need to give proper time to your shooting and editing team. Moreover, you need to have two or more videos in your uploading pipeline. So in case of any delays, you can still upload the video according to your schedule. In video marketing, you have to post video content in regular intervals. It will allow your business to create brand familiarity among the target audience.

4- Plan Out Your Budget

Creating just a video and posting it online doesn’t guarantee success. For example, a video posted on LinkedIn will have 24 times more chances of getting comments and seven times the chance of getting a reaction than a textual post. But those high-engagement videos were shot by professionals and edited using top-of-the-line software programs. 

So what can you do about it? Well, first, set the goal for your video along with the audience preference. Once these two are set, then focus on your budget. Also, do not overdo the budget or spend all the amount on just video marketing. You need to find the money for shooting, editing, and scripting your video from the marketing budget. It will keep you in check and makes you think outside the box. 

5- Have Clear Call To Action

You need to lead the way if you are looking to get your customers down the funnel. One of the things that helps a customer make their purchase decision is the call to action. 

No matter what the actionable goal you have for the video, it needs to have a CTA. A CTA can add up to 21% of conversion in your videos, which you need to take advantage of. 

With the CTA, you tell the viewers what they need to do next once the video is over. If they have watched the entire video, they are already looking for more content from your side. A CTA will only guide them where they want to go initially. 

6- Videos As Gated Content

One of the newest additions in video marketing strategies is making your videos as gated content. That means people get to watch the video after submitting their names and other information for the registration. This action can take place in the form of a pop-up or a message before the video starts. When used correctly, it can give you tons of leads, and whenever your video gets shared again, it will likewise provide leads to your business.

7- Include Testimonials 

Lastly, one of the easiest ways to attract more customers and win their trust is by showing them other customers via video testimonials. Customers trust online reviews and the things that other customers speak like them. So getting the reviews in video form is the best way to showcase how excellent your services are. Keep in mind, put the testimonial video on the homepage of your website so every viewer can see it when they reach your website. 

Wrapping Up

For marketers looking to get more leads for a business, video marketing is the right step in every way possible. Generating leads with video marketing has become a lot easier. As long as you are creating compelling and convincing videos, you are good to go.

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