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Checking Out the Best Local Foods in Milwaukee

Local Foods in Milwaukee

Every town has something unique when it comes to cuisine. Milwaukee, being one of the largest cities in Wisconsin, has tons of distinctive culinary creations for our taste buds to enjoy. If you’re thinking of checking out some of the best food you can find in Milwaukee, you’ve come to the right place.

Breweries and Brats

Old Milwaukee was known mostly for its breweries. However, today it is home to some of the most creative and mouthwatering food in the United States. The city draws in thousands of tourists as it is the second-largest city on Lake Michigan next to Chicago. It also produces about $100 billion in gross domestic product each year. 

Historically, many German immigrants settled here in the 19th century and the area then became quite well-known for its breweries. Today there are over 30 breweries in the city alone. Some of these are very well-known such as The Pabst Brewing Company. Around 1985, craft breweries started to pop up in the city. And with the popularity of microbreweries and brewpubs, it is still home to many breweries. 

Some of the best include Lakefront Brewery and Good City Brewing which both serve amazing food in addition to their eclectic beer options. Good City Brewing has 4 locations across Milwaukee that offer private event hosting in addition to their breweries, taprooms, and barrel house. At Lakefront, Fridays are for fish fries but their daily menu is nothing short of delicious as well. In the mood for some bratwurst? Order a sausage flight and feed your soul. 

Local Contributions by Way of Your Belly

In 2016, there was social unrest within Milwaukee after a fatal police shooting. The Sherman Phoenix took over a fire-damaged BMO Harris Bank and turned it into a place where black small businesses can flourish. Not only is Sherman Phoenix a space for art and cultural activities, but also a space for over 25 small businesses and some of the best food you will try in your life.

If you’re looking for some BBQ, check out Buffalo Boss or Juniors Smoked BBQ. Confectionately Yours is a bakery and dessert specialty shop where you can get your favorite slice of cobbler or cake after your BB Q lunch. And for those who are vegans, there are plenty of options for you as well. Rise and Grind Cafe offers breakfast, brunch, and lunch daily. 

Simply by visiting Sherman Phoenix you are contributing to black owned businesses and economic equality within the Milwaukee district. After you grab something delicious to eat, check out the other services. From a tattoo shop to message therapy, you can spend multiple days in this location alone.

Truckin’ Right to the Mouth

Zocalo Food Truck Park is a space in Milwaukee created for food entrepreneurs and their food trucks. As of 2022, the food truck industry has seriously taken off, and most of us couldn’t be happier about it. The Zocalo area was founded by two friends. One was is a chef and the other well-versed in real estate. Thus, Zocalo was born to bring together lovers of food, art, and culture. 

There is a central tavern located in the park that is a hub for many creative ideas and delicious brews on tap. There are also over 8 different food vendors who are stationed here. The types of food range from bagels to tacos. One of the most amazing things about Zocalo is the grassroots system in place to assist food entrepreneurs. The folks at Zocalo will help you to start your own food truck business by hosting and coaching!

Not sure about you, but these local eats are enough reason for us to be checking out Milwaukee houses for sale. Our favorite thing about all of these amazing businesses is the community involvement it cultivates. If that isn’t a great reason to move to a city, we’re not sure what is. However, it’s always best to taste test for yourself instead of just taking our word for it. 

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