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How to Treat the Kids When They Have Been Good

Treat the Kids takeout

It is all very well providing your kids with star charts for them to fill in to get them to carry out chores, do well in school, or complete their homework. However, there are times when this just isn’t enough. If your kid is constantly completing their star chart, then it goes without saying that they deserve a more worthy form of reward. 

Similarly, if you have a child that finds it hard to complete their goals, they should have a greater reward when they finally do, as you should be able to realize the effort that it has taken for them to finish their tasks to a satisfactory standard.

Here are some ideas that could get your kids feeling like they have been truly rewarded and have those that struggle to perform actively striving to accomplish the goals set before them.

#1 Play Games as a Family

It may sound silly, but kids love the attention an adult can give them when playing regular board games, and even more so if both parents (and maybe even grandparents) are involved. If you do not have any board games, then card games can be just as good. 

You will find that children pick up game rules very quickly and they will soon be winning the majority of the games you play together, which, of course, all adds to their enjoyment of the time that they have you all to themselves.

#2 Order Their Favorite Takeout

If you have exhausted all of the games within your home or feel that quiet time is preferable (as playing games can get very loud and kids very excitable), then putting them in charge of the takeout choice could also provide them with a reward. 

Most kids love pizza, and with most takeouts, such as https://spkgc.com.au/, offering both kebabs and pizza choices, there is something for everyone. Also, with ordering a takeout, you will not have the added stress of trying to get the family out of the door in time to make it to your table reservation.

#3 Go Watch a Movie (Their Choice)

If you feel that you require some time out of the house, as sometimes you will, then the reward could be watching a movie of their choice at your local movie theatre. Of course, it is unlikely to stop at just watching the movie. 

There are also the additions of corndogs, nachos, and popcorn, to name a few, which could be dived into while watching the movie of your choice. Washing the food down with a Pepsi or Coke could have your kid loving every minute.

#4 Introduce Them to Ice Skating

If you are out to make a big celebration of your kids hitting their targets and completing their goals, you could introduce them to ice skating at your local ice rink. Ice skating can be great fun to experience, and even more so if your kids are into ice hockey. 

Finding out that it is not as easy as the professionals show it to be will increase the amount of awe they have for their heroes. Although ice skating is fun to watch and can be very enjoyable to learn and take part in, you always make sure that your kids are aware of the dangers that face them out on the ice rink.

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