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Khavaiyye – Best fast food restaurant in Nashik

Khavaiyye - Best fast food restaurant in Nashik

For food connoisseurs, a vacation to Nashik is no short of a bucket list dream. This multi-cultural city is a culinary heaven and a home to a line-up of impressive, elite restaurants that attract patrons from far and wide. But the best restaurants in Nashik aren’t just the pricey and sparkling five-stars. From modest street food stores and roadside dhabas to quirky cafes and family-run franchises, Nashik’s most tempting fast-food chains are a delight for the true blue foodies.

Khavaiyye – The Fast Food Restaurant in Nashik

Khavaiyye Fast Food Restaurant is crazy in the quest to provide you with the Best Fast food in Nashik. Khavaiyye Fast Food Restaurant is located in the heart of the city and offers a wide variety of fast foods. Khavaiyye Fast Food Restaurant started with an authentic range of Sandwiches, Burgers, Pizza and become the town’s most liked Cold Coffee.

They are always quick and their service reliable and quick. The staff was very friendly and help the customers to make the selection and make sure that the customers feel welcomed and comfortable. Must-try items like Spicy Schezwan Cheese Sandwich, Dilbahar Sandwich, Veg Tikki Mayo Burger, Khavaiyye’s Special Pizza, Margarita Pizza, Cold Coffee with Ice-Cream, Moka Shake.


Khavaiyye Fast Food Restaurant Opens from 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM on all days.


Patil Lane No. 4, Near Croma Mall, College Road, Nashik 06, Maharashtra


Contact No.:

+91 9172312442, +91 9579734577

Menu Card:

Latest Menu Card


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