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The Growing Indian Gambling Industry

by Tom

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the gambling industry in general. Creating new players around the world. India is no exception. With around 1,4 billion people living in India, the potential is huge. Combined with a young population and the growing use of the internet daily, the industry is set to become one of the largest in the world – if it is legalized.  

With India accounting for more than 15 % of the online gambling traffic in the entire world, the country is already a large contributor to gambling industry. However, it seems like their contribution will grow and become even bigger. At least that is what forecasts are showing. But there might be a problem as the law on the gambling area is a quite grey area. This means that it is not legal or illegal. The only officially legal gambling possibilities are lotteries and horse racing. It is illegal to do sports betting, but many still take bets on a shady market. 

Foreign operators

Regarding the casino operators in India, most of them are foreign. This means that the money that the Indians spend on gambling leaves the country. The only requirement for the foreign online casinos is that they need to offer their games in the local Indian Rupee. In order to attract customers, the casinos hand out bonuses that will double their deposit or give them free tickets. You can find the best ones on https://www.indiacasinos.com/bonuses, where you can find extensive reviews and choose the one for your liking. 

The Indian government could also take the bonus that they have been giving. If they try to create some restrictions and tax regulations that will benefit the country’s own economy instead of others. As it is for now state laws apply, which means that every state can apply their own laws and regulations regarding the gambling industry. The states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are so far the only ones to ban online casino games for Indians. Goa on the other hand is the only state that permits electronic inland casinos as well as live offshore ones.

What The Future Holds

With The Gaming Act of 1867 still being enforced and the illegal business around gambling in India, it should be a subject to consider revising. The problem however is that the government doesn’t like games of luck but are less reluctant when it comes to games of skills. The line between the two’s can be hard to find and may come down to the eyes of the beholder. A lot of the games however are based on luck, which means that it can be hard to supplement your income with casino games. Another way can be one of the many free online earning sites.  

With the many Indian-based computer engineers that develop online games for desktop and mobile devices it should be a big advantage to create work and boost the economy with a legalization. With an industry that is set to grow 41 % within the next three years, it comes down to the fact whether the Indian government would like to keep the rupees in the country. New regulations would furthermore cut away the extensive illegal gambling that takes place around the country and create a stable environment. The gambling industry could not only make gambling easier accessible but help rebuild the entire economy.

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