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Do I Need Rigid Boxes In The 21st Century?

by Ameli
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For a long, we have relied on boxes for making sure our products are packed and stacked with ease and efficiency. From all the packaging materials and products available around us, custom rigid boxes have always caught the eye. This has more to do with the safety and security that comes with boxes than anything else. Breaking down for a brief overview, boxes are responsible for providing:

  • An effective design
  • Safety and security to the stored product 
  • Easy stacking on shelves for increased productivity 
  • Resistance to easy tearing down
  • Excellent economic advertisement

Boxes are being produced and manufactured in numerous quantities to fulfill packaging needs. Their simple design makes sure that increased strength and safety are provided to the product packed in them. This even assures the sellers that their product is going to be delivered with care and thus avoiding breakage and other disasters. Rigid Boxes are the ones that are being produced keeping in mind this phenomenon. Alongside being great packing boxes, they are primarily used to pack items that are worth more and the items that need to be delivered or stacked with added safety. 

Custom Rigid Boxes: A Must Have 

Boxes are essential if you are looking to pack your products with added safety. The boxes are more preferred over paper and plastic bags and looking at the benefits they bring, this becomes easy to understand. Rigid Boxes are one of the widely used box types which are manufactured keeping the only thing in view that is safety. 

Safety is the requirement of every top manufacturer to make sure their products are contained and shipped with security and safety. Kraft, corrugated, and cardboard paper are used to produce boxes of all types. However, in the case of Rigid Boxes, Kraft and corrugated paper are used. This is because these papers have a thick surface which is responsible for imparting increased strength to the box and thus safety to the stored product. 

Packing Made Easy 

We鈥檝e discussed a lot about these boxes and what they have to offer. But it is essential to know what types of boxes are being produced and what type of items can be stored in them. 

路         Flap Design

Rigid Boxes incorporating a flap design are quite common for storing products such as fragrance bottles and other glassware. These items are usually stacked in a base that is made from the same material as the box. The base is held inside the box while the top cover of the box moves on top of the base like a flap. Some portion of this top part lies over the front side. The front side and the top extension are locked together with the use of magnets. 

路         Two-Piece Design

Another common box design is a two-piece design that has a base part that is not connected to the top part by any means. The only way to close the box is to enclose the base part by putting it under the top cover. This design is widely used to pack shoes that are being sold by top brands. Jewelry manufacturers and sellers also make use of the boxes.  This piece of design can help to improve the appearance of product and also safe it from any type of damage. It is very common used for packaging.

路         Slide Box Design 

Rigid Boxes are often seen making use of slide box design. This design features a box that can be inserted into a cover by simply sliding into it. However, when we talk about boxes that are known to be rigid, the cover is made from the same material as the box so no compromise is made for the stored product. 

路         Boxes For Heavyweight Products

These custom rigid boxes are specially designed for packing heavyweight products such as television sets, home theatres, and electronic gadgets such as laptops. The prime reason is that all of these products are expensive and require utmost care in delivery in stacking. And thus to avoid any mishap, they are packed in such boxes which are known for safety. When you are using a product like rigid then it must need that your packaging that is holding product is must be strong. It must have the ability to store the product and keep it safe. For this purpose, what most businesses prefer to use rigid boxes for the packaging of their products.

Customization Hacks

Make sure you follow these hacks to customize your box into something eye-catching.

  • Never add a see-through window. See-through windows reduce the strength of your box.
  • Wrap your box in a matte or glossy finish for increased attractiveness
  • Make use of unique design such as a slide box design
  • Add brand logos and trademarks. You can even add images of the stored product so people can have a look at what you are offering.

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