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How the environment reacted when a woman proposed marriage

How the environment reacted when a woman proposed marriage
She proposes to him. He says yes. Actually, a reason to be happy – but the couple only receives criticism. How so? Because the woman proposed.

Imagine you have been planning a marriage proposal for weeks. Prepare everything, buy a ring, even set up a hidden camera to capture the scene forever. Just imagine the moment comes and your partner is just as excited as you dreamed it would be. He says yes. Imagine sharing the video with your family and friends. And they tell you to leave him. That you’re desperate and he’s a scrounger

Oomph. This is not exactly the response one would want when an engagement is announced. This is what happened to a young couple who shared their story on the Reddit platform. In the relationship forum, the 28-year-old asked for advice. His girlfriend proposed to him, but since then there has been criticism. And not from anyone, but from their own environment.

The woman makes the marriage proposal – and the family advises separation

“I hear from her mother that I wouldn’t treat her the way a woman deserves,” writes the newly fiancé. At the same time, his girlfriend would have to struggle with even more accusations: “Friends and family are now demanding that she leave me because ‘no man would ever expose his girlfriend like that. ” And why all the drama? Because the woman proposed the marriage, not the man. 

Anyone who is now shaking their head in front of the screen is like the author of the article. He is stunned by the cheeky remarks from the common environment: “What’s wrong with a woman proposing to her boyfriend? (…) Why is she now desperate about it and I called a parasite?” On Reddit, he asks the community for advice.

Fortunately, this story also has a happy ending. Because in this case, the Internet and its users are at their best – and tell the couple what it actually deserves. Congratulations.

“It’s 2021!” Anyone can make an application

In addition to numerous congratulations on the engagement, the two are given a lot of courage.

“I also proposed to my boyfriend and we’re still happy to this day. Don’t listen to the haters. It’s 2021!”, Says a woman about her own story. Others appeal not to let sexist comments spoil their happiness and leave nice words there. “You have a fantastic woman”, several users join in, “Congratulations on breaking outdated gender stereotypes!”

Finally, the couple are given a few concrete suggestions for the wedding organization – more precisely for the guest list: “Now you already know who you are not going to invite”, writes a user and gets a lot of approval. In the end, you can even see something good in the negative experience: “Do whatever makes you happy! But don’t forget to set limits and weed out those people who want to prevent you from leading a happy life without reproach.”

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