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The Park View City Details You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Park View City

Vision Group’s Park View City is a CDA-certified, attractive housing scheme in Islamabad’s Zone IV. The housing authority features a 400-foot-wide Main Boulevard that provides easy accessibility from the highway; moreover, access is available via Kurri Road or Banigala. Investors like this house project because of the gorgeous vistas and high-end amenities. It is designed to be the ideal location for people who wish to live in a safe, family-friendly environment with a contemporary vision and breathtaking views.

Owners and Developers:

The Vision Group was created in 2012 & has since completed several ground-breaking real estate holdings. In less than one decade, Vision Group has dominated the Pakistani real estate market and positioned itself among the region’s most trusted and trustworthy development companies. Park View by Vision Group is a project that aspires to be one of the most flamboyant housing developments in the area. The business aspires to provide an abundant living through diverse building and metropolitan landscape initiatives in cosmopolitan locations. The aspects of Vision Group’s projects include attractive aesthetics & modern practicality, making for comfortable and luxurious living.

200-foot-wide road

Park View City Islamabad‘s NOC has been renewed, according to the Capital Development Authority. The city authority’s online version has also been changed in this aspect. The administration of the society is fully set to continue with this major development. The regeneration of the CDA NOC came with clearance for the development of Kuri Road, which will be 200 feet wide. Park View City will build a 2-kilometre patch on its dime, in partnership with the CDA, to tie society to Kurri Road. We are certain that the 200-foot-wide roadway will be constructed within six months once the designs are approved, and they gain approval to begin development activity. We certainly anticipate that the development will be in good shape by the beginning of next year.

Gated community

The community is a secured, walled development, with a boundary structure made all-around developer’s about 5,000 Kanals of land. Many complexes in the area aren’t guarded against all corners, but Park View City is. The end that faces the protected forest region has recently been barred as well.

Availability of Water

Park View City’s location is abundant in mineral resources, including subterranean water only 50 feet below the surface. In addition, various natural streams run through the community, such as the Gumrah River. However, society does not want to take anything for granted. A water filtration plant for Block A, whereby water will be recovered and reused, will be fully operational soon. Furthermore, a strategy is in place to use rainwater, which the community receives in excess, by requiring each home to have subterranean containers to save and use this water. A reservoir is already being built, and a company is working on it. The water from the Gumrah River, as well as rainwater, will be conserved and utilized for greater uses.

Public Amenities

Society is trying to establish a chapter of the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation’s National Institute in Park View City. This month will be the start of actual work on it. A mosque is currently under development, a clinic will open soon, and a hospital is being planned. We hope that the organization will have power, Sui gas, or water services within the following six to nine months and that the institution will be operational as well.


City of Park View Islamabad has emphasized a retired lifestyle and a serene atmosphere near to nature. Because of the vicinity of freshwater dams, mountains, and botanical areas, the environment is much more pleasant than Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The organic greenery of the forest land adds to the beauty of the community. People with money should seriously consider buying real estate in Park View City. Anyone who visits this civilization finds it pleasant enough to want to live in such an idyllic setting. Aside from being a great place to live, it’s also a great financial opportunity. We can confidently anticipate that this civilization will be a desirable place to live in the future.

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