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by Hassan
Best Business Coach in Pakistan

The invention of the internet has changed the whole scenario. From business to jobs, learning to research, office to shopping, entertainment to health, everything is shifted to the web browsers. Every person belonging to any field is now relying on the internet. It is hard to have a correct idea about the daily internet users. 

The increasing usage of the internet has produced a large number of jobs and carrier opportunities as well. It is, no doubt, the world’s most fast-growing business of the day. Every person, somehow, is engaged with the internet. Either he is a consumer or seller, but the point is that the internet influences every person’s life very much. 

Learning to code becomes a need of the day. With the increasing number of users of the internet, the demand for workers in this field is also increasing on a daily basis. In addition, if you want to make a carrier in it, you must have to learn first. You should learn the right and useful techniques, which help you to earn a healthy package.

The fields produced by the internet revolution are uncountable and vast. A person can try his fate as a web development, content writer, blog writer, SEO expert, Logo designer, seller, video maker, video editor.

He can also work as a web designer, photo editor, animation expert, product promoter, and much more. He can choose any field that suits his nature, or he wants to work in that field willingly. People often do more than one thing at the same time according to their knowledge and expertise.

Learn How To Code Online?

There are hundreds of thousands of institutions in every city that are teaching these courses. You can find one of them very easily near to your home. But this is not the only way to learn.

The internet also provides a solution to run itself. A person can also learn how to code by using the internet. It allows a learner to sit at home, learn the basics, and then complete training in any of the fields mentioned above.

 This is a virtual way of learning where a trainer teaches the learner with videos and notes. A person who has a thirst for learning and wants to learn how to code can register himself online to take part in any of the courses he desires to learn.

These online platforms offer different short and complete courses at a very low fee. By paying the fee, the learner gets his id, account, and start getting daily lessons.

Although it seems that it is not valid as a physical learning system, this system of learning is getting its place very rapidly. People are learning from these platforms with the same ease as they learn from physical classes.

Many websites on the internet are working in this field. Here we are going to discuss some most popular and well-known websites and platforms. 


Udemy is one of the largest online course provider websites in the world. It offers various courses at a very low and cheap fee. It also offers some free course download. From its creation until today, it has served more than 35 million students in different fields through its platform.

It has more than 55000 instructors who teach the students how to code. Udemy also introduced its app for learners who want to learn these skills by using mobile phones.

The app is available for both iPhone and Android users. It was thought that 20% of the users access Udemy courses through mobile phones using these apps. 

Udemy also gives a chance for instructors to upload their stuff to the website by using Udemy course development tools. An instructor can upload his lecture or complete course in the form of video, audio, pdf, or zip file, as well as they can also arrange live classes. It is the best platform for online learning, without any doubt. 


This is also one of the most known websites in online learning like FreeCourseSite. This website offers several courses to learn virtually. This website consists of videos. The duration of a video is not more than one hour. The course may consist of more than one video.

These videos provide guidelines to the learner very briefly. By practicing these instructions, a learner can learn very easily. Many courses provided by this website are known as top-rated courses. Code.org serves the students in a very good way.

Code wars:-

This website has a unique way to teach students. This website gives a timeframe to its student to complete the lesson.

It makes sense of competition, and every student who is learning through this platform is always trying to complete the challenge. It also gives an idea of which type of pressure they will have to face shortly by their clients. This way of learning, therefore, is very helpful for the learners. Visit now to start learning and downloading free courses and free tutorials Free Udemy Courses

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