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Difference between SQL and MySQL

by Moeen

If you are preparing for any business strategist and database administrator, you should know about SQL and MySQL.

You need to know it is the fundamental of the database for one pursuing a career in this. This article will make you understand difference between sql and mysql

The internet business and led to getting the digital side of the market. The pandemic also helped the digital business to grow in this world. This brought a chance to understand and start now business administration, database administration, etc. It became the principal source of strategy. 

Below we can find the technologies and tools to understand SQL and MySQL.


The database is the storage base of data organized digitally in a software system. This will help us edit, save, copy, paste and transfer the whole data in one place, which is easy to access. This also helps us for large data files to easily store and access. There are many databases in this operating system. Some of the most used are centralized operating systems and cloud operating systems, where it is stored in servers.

RDBMS (Relational database management system)

The system that will manage the database for managing, storing and maintaining it is called the database management system. This system is used to manage a server’s data in a given form of tabular format. It is one of the widely used tools by database administrators for larger data types.

It is used for security, data redundancy, recovery and backup, usability etc. some of them are oracle and MySQL

 SQL (Structured Query Language) 

SQL is the structural query language that enables storage function, managing in the database management system.

To create the application, you required a programming language for the system to understand the user interface.

The main function of the SQL was to manage the queries and purpose of actions.

Some are select, crate database, delete, alter table, insert into, create table, update, form, where. These are format is particular and sensitive. Should be able to write SQL statements well to extract data from all data science.

It is to be started with a command, and the end of it will be (;), there are many SQL keys words are AS, BETWEEN, LIMIT to perform specific functions.

It is a standard program used widely in SQL for its faster query processing and efficiency and maintenance of databases.


The oracle corporation had obtained MySQL.It is an open-source management system and manages the relative database.

It uses SQL to perform all actions on the database and widely used RDBMS for a faster and more efficient working procedure. Many of the Companies like Yahoo, Google, Facebook.

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Benefits of MySQL:

Open-source, security, flexibility and scalability, transaction assistance

It is the most comfortable with C, C++, Java, Python etc., for different platforms in Windows, Linux or macOS.

Difference between SQL and MySQL

There is a most common mistake of others of difference between SQL and MySQL we will now define them

Key CategorySQLMySQL
DevelopersMicrosoft Corporation developed it.MySQL was developed by MySQL and now it is sold to Oracle Corporation.
FunctionSQL is used for managing and retrieving data from  database MySQL uses SQL to query data from the databases.
Syntax and FormatThe syntax and format are fixed,
Start with the clause and end with a semicolon.
MySQL is software, hence it does not have any commands or particular format.

There are, however, the latest updates and versions of MySQL for enhanced performance.
LicensingSQL is owned by Microsoft and not open to others for free.MySQL is an open-source free platform that allows access to any and every one.
Platform SupportSQL was built for Windows, works partially for Linux, macOS with its latest versions.MySQL is adaptable for, working well for Linux, macOS, Windows.
Language SupportSQL is in itself a programming language used for database systems.MySQL supports programming languages like C, C++, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and many others.
Storage Enginesupports only a single storage engine for different operations system MySQL supports different storage engines and does not take up a lot of space for different functions and operations. It also enables the plugin storage engine as well.
Data SecuritySQL servers are secured as no third party or outsiders are allowed to manipulate data of the programming.MySQL It gives access to data manipulation and modification to unauthorized users as well during the run-time.

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