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10 BBQ Tips You Need to Know

10 BBQ Tips You Need to Know

Summer is the perfect time to share your love of BBQ with friends and family. What’s better than a hot summer day, eating some delicious BBQ food with good company? The only thing that can make this experience even more enjoyable is knowing how to cook it! To help you out, we have compiled 10 best BBQ tips. These are sure to make cooking an absolute breeze and ensure that you get all your favorite flavors in every bite.

Throughout these 10 tips we will teach you everything from what type of grill to buy and what types of food go best on a barbecue, all the way down to how long it should take for meats like chicken and pork chops. We hope that by the end of this article, your next barbecue party will be a success!

Today, we’re going to go over 10 BBQ tips and tricks that will make you the master of your own backyard barbecue. The bbquing will help you to find out the most suitable BBQ Grills and Smokers for you.

There’s nothing like a big night around the grill with family and friends. But if you want to show off some true barbecue prowess, there are some things that every pit-master should know.

So, let’s get started


1. Start with Clean Tools

If you want to give your meats the best possible flavor, don’t start out with dirty tools. The gunk on metal grilling attachments can impart an unwanted taste onto your food. Before you season it or marinate it, make sure that your grill is completely clean. Get a wire brush and scrub vigorously until no traces of food remain on the grate.

2. Use a Washpan, Not a Spray Bottle

Do you usually squirt your meat down with cooking spray or marinade from a bottle right before throwing it on the grill? In both of those cases, you’re missing out on an easy way to ensure that everything turns out great. Instead of using a bottle, opt to use a washpan or another vessel that will allow you to control the flow of your meat’s basting. That way, when something soaks through, you’ll have plenty of leeway to work with when it comes time for flipping.

3. Don’t Forget to Soak Your Wood Chips

Using wood chips in our BBQ recipes can be a great addition to the flavor-profile of your finished dish. But if you don’t soak them in water for an hour or so beforehand, they won’t have the moisture needed to create that smoky taste you’re chasing. Soak the chips in cold water for an hour before adding to your smoker box or foil pouch.

4. Marinate in a Bag, Not a Bowl

It’s easy to marinade your meats when you use a zip-close plastic bag or food storage container with a lid. But if you do it the old-fashioned way, by putting everything in a bowl and tossing, chances are that most of your dressing will end up on the bottom of the bowl instead of on your meats. The best way to evenly distribute marinade is by bagging it up.

5. Keep Seasoning Simple

If you want to season your BBQ right, don’t get carried away with spices and rubs. If you’re unsure, use a simple mixture of salt and pepper to coat your meats. Then, if you want to experiment with additional seasonings, do so once your meat is off the grill and ready to eat.

6. Wrap It Up

If you’re using aluminum foil when smoking your meats, make sure you never wrap it up until your food is finished cooking. If any part of the meats exposed while the aluminum foil is still around, the meat will end up with an off-flavor. Always fold down your aluminum foil before cooking is finished, and then wait about ten minutes to unwrap the food inside.

7. Use Your Hands When You Season

You can use spoons or tongs when you season your BBQ on the grill, but it’s far more effective to just use your bare hands. By using your hands, you’ll be able to get a better sense of the texture of any meats that have been seasoned. Plus, by feeling everything with your fingers, you’ll get a much better idea of whether or not something needs more seasoning.

8. Keep Things Warm

By placing meats in a cooler when they come off the grill, you’ll be able to keep them warm and moist while everyone’s finishing up. If necessary, stick in a few ice packs or frozen water bottles to make sure your meal stays tasty and delicious.

9. Use Two Grills in Your Cooking Setup

One simple way to improve your final product is to use two grills instead of one. Place a grill at the bottom, and then place another one on top, with the food in between. Then you can add more smoke by lighting up some wood chips beneath your food.

10. Precut Your Food

After cooking meats on the grill for several hours, it can be a pain in the neck to have to slice everything up with a knife. Instead of doing all that work by hand, invest in a meat slicer and use it when you’re done cooking.

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