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How to Boost Your Confidence in 2022

by Tom
How to Boost Your Confidence in 2022

Being confident is a natural superpower. It means that you take the best of the day and can put your best self forward. No one, however, is 100% confident all the time. Everyone has insecurities, and how you deal with these insecurities can play a crucial part in how you overcome them. 

In some cases, accepting the flaw and learning to love it on its own terms is the way to go. In others, there may be an actual, effective approach that will help. Self-love isn’t just acceptance, it’s knowing when to accept what you cannot change and taking a logical approach toward doing better for the things that you can. 

Everyone’s journey to a happier, more confident version of themselves is going to look different, but with this guide, you’ll have a clearer idea of where to start: 

Dealing with physical insecurities 

Physical insecurities are some of the most straightforward to address. If you are self-conscious about your acne, you can try new products or go to a dermatologist for a medical approach. The same applies to those who sweat a lot and are self-conscious about it. If deodorants aren’t working, then there are FDA-approved treatments that can help. You can go and get miraDry in the Southwest, and in 12 months, experience up to an 82% reduction in how much you sweat. 

The only thing to keep in mind when is the issue of addiction. While getting medical treatment for something like acne or excess sweating is a straightforward procedure you don’t need to worry about, anything cosmetic is. People can become just as addicted to cosmetic surgery as they can anything else, which is fine so long as you don’t put your health or financial security at risk. 

Dealing with personal insecurities 

If there are parts of you that you are insecure about, then there are a few different ways to approach this. You can attend workshops, or read self-help books, for example. At the end of the day, when it comes to our characteristics and how we want to improve, the secret is always going to be practice. If you want to be a better public speaker, then you need to practice. If you want to be nicer or more authoritative, it will take practice. 

The good news is that where you get this practice is up to you. You can practice looking in the mirror or get a personal coach to help. Eventually, it will stop feeling like you’re putting on a front and more like you’re being your true self. 

It isn’t disingenuous to want to change your traits, either. Wanting to be more like something is more than enough, so use all the tools available to you to get it done. 

Dealing with situational insecurities 

You may be insecure about your job, how much you make, or what your home looks like. These are all normal and, in fact, are more common than ever. With social media, we get a curated look into hundreds of thousands of other lives. Comparison is normal, but it can be painful

When you find yourself insecure about your situation, you need first to ask yourself where the insecurity came from. If you were perfectly happy before comparing yourself to others, then work on accepting where you are and why it fits you. If you are always insecure, then take steps to achieve the life you want to live, even if it’s not perfect. 

If you don’t like your job or are insecure about how much you make, look for a new position. The best time to negotiate better pay is at a new job. Think of changing jobs like hopping to where you want to be. 

If you’re insecure about your home, DIY it. Repaint it, and keep an eye out on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, estate sales, or wherever else to find deals on great furniture and décor. 

The only part that will be a challenge is if you’re insecure about your love life or how many friends you have. The solution here, however, is to get out. Be the person that asks to hang out, even with people who barely know. Join clubs, go on courses, and more. 

At the end of the day, your life is yours. If you aren’t happy with a part of it, the best thing you can do is try. You’ll likely find out what you want and who you are along the way.

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