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Class 12 Accountancy Books | CBSE Study Material

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class 12 accountancy book

The CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Book focuses on improving a fundamental understanding of the nature and objective of accounting data. Also, its application in business operations. Moreover, students’ logical reasoning, analytical ability, and judgmental prospects improve due to this. However, the  Class 12 Accountancy book also includes a variety of examples to help students understand and learn concepts quickly.

Additionally, students can find in this article Class 12 Accountancy book, curriculum, and CBSE Study Material. 

Class 12 Accountancy Curriculum

So here, the students can find the updated CBSE Class 12 Accountancy curriculum. Also, the curriculum can help them gain a deep knowledge of the subjects. 

Also, according to the CBSE syllabus for class 12 accountancy, students can choose between two terms. However, some topics were removed in both terms of the class 12 accountancy syllabus 2021-21. So, students can find all the details here. Additionally, the curriculum for Accountancy Class 12 is divided into two parts: theory exams and practical/project work.

Account class 12 deleted syllabus for term 1 is

ACCOUNTING FOR PARTNERSHIP FIRMS3 ADMISSION OF A PARTNERAdjustment of capital accounts and preparation of balance sheet

CBSE Syllabus for Class 12 Accountancy Term 1

Term – I (MCQ Based Question Paper   
Theory: 40 Marks                                                                      Time: 90 Mins
Sl. No.UnitsMarks
 Part A18

Unit 1Accounting for Partnership Firms:FundamentalsChange in Profit Sharing RatioAdmission of a Partner

Company Accounts:12
Accounting for Shares
 Part B10


Analysis of Financial Statements:Financial Statements of a Companyi) Statement of Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet in prescribed form with major headings and sub headings (as per Schedule III to the Companies Act, 2013) (ii) Tools of Analysis – Ratio AnalysisAccounting Ratios

Computerised AccountingOverview of Computerised Accounting SystemAccounting Application of Electronic Spreadsheet10
 Total Marks40
 Project Work (Part -1)10

CBSE Syllabus for Class 12 Accountancy Term 2

Term – II
Theory: 40 Marks                                                             Time: 90 Mins
SI. No.UnitsMarks
 Part A12

UnitAccounting for not-for Profit organisations-Accounting for Partnership Firms:Retirement and Death of a PartnerDissolution of Partnership Firms 

Company Accounts:Accounting for Debentures8


Part B10
Analysis of Financial Statements:Financial Statements of a Company(i) Comparative and Common Size Statements Cash Flow Statement

Computerises AccountingUsing Computerised Accounting SystemDatabase Management System10
 Project Work (Part -2)10

Project Work for CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Term 1

Additionally, students need to submit a project work along with their term exams. Moreover, students should put equal emphasis for project work as they put to their term exams.

Written Test (based on Project – Accounting Ratios)6
Practical file2
Viva (Ratio Analysis)2

Project Work for CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Term 2

Written Test (based on Comparative Statements and Common Size Statement and Cash Flow statement) 6
Practical file2
Viva (Comparative Statements and Common Size Statement and Cash flow Statement)2

Class 12 Accountancy Books


Additionally, the National Council of Educational Research and Training publishes Accountancy textbooks for Class 12 students (NCERT). Moreover, the NCERT Accountancy Textbooks are based on the CBSE Board’s most recent Exam Pattern. Additionally, the students can find the class 12 Accountancy book and study material here. 

Moreover, with the assistance of the latest curriculum recommended by the Boards, NCERT constantly updates the Commerce books. Additionally, the best-known feature of the NCERT Books for Class 12 Accountancy is their well-designed demonstration. Moreover, the utilization of NCERT Class 12 Accountancy Books is appropriate for board exams and students preparing for numerous competitive exams after 12th grade.

NCERT accountancy books for class 12 are available both online and offline. However, users chose to use DK Goel or TS Grewal as recommended by their teachers. Additionally, students can find DK Goel’s class 12 Accountancy book pdf download and the solutions. Moreover, if students want to solve the TS Grewal Class 12 Accountancy book, you can download the PDF from Vidya Setu.

Moreover, the NCERT Class 12 Accountancy books are the effective study substance for students taking board exams. Additionally,  to improve their fundamentals, commerce students must study accountancy regularly. Also, they must understand a variety of practical concepts related to the development and management of business ventures. Additionally, the CBSE Class 12 Accountancy is essential for getting actual knowledge. Moreover, these books will benefit students who have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Moreover, the 12th Accountancy Book can teach you about the real world of finance and business administration. Also, students can quickly get all of their questions answered about any topic. Additionally, the subject’s top faculty members favor the NCERT Class 12 Accountancy Books for classroom use.

The Significance of NCERT Class 12 Accountancy Book

A structured process to every chapter

Additionally, the NCERT Books for accountancy are written by a team of instructors who have extensive knowledge about the subjects. As a result, introducing the best information to the books can add value.

Assists in Exam Preparation

Also, each chapter in the NCERT Accountancy Class 12 books has an exercise. Moreover, by answering questions at the end of each chapter, you can improve your subject knowledge. Additionally, all of the exercise questionnaires follow the CBSE board structure. Moreover, students are exam-ready after completing all of the chapters.

The NCERT Book Assists in the Improvement of Problem solving capacity

Also, the NCERT books are methodically designed to make it simple for any commerce student to understand the topic. Additionally, the practical figures and labeled diagrams can help you know subject matters or theories.

Helps to Build Confidence

Additionally, the CBSE asks about 95% of the questions on the board from the NCERT books. Also, if students finish the NCERT book entirely without missing any chapters, they can earn merits or top positions on their boards. As a result, students prefer NCERT books and develop the confidence to perform well.

Easily understandable: 

Additionally, the Class 12th accountancy book has been written in basic words to comprehend the concepts quickly. Moreover, they will recollect the important topics for a more extended period if they read the material in simple sentences. Additionally, professors and specialists who authored the NCERT class 12 accountancy books put students’ perspectives first to make all chapters understandable.

Factual and Concise

Moreover, the NCERT books for the CBSE curriculum are clear, precise, and fact-based, with real and critical data. Additionally, the facts and meanings have been engagingly implemented into the books, ensuring that students are interested in them. Also, the facts and statistics in the NCERT book for class 12 Accountancy are double-checked to ensure that the texts contain no errors.

Complete Class 12 Accountancy Book and Online Classes

Also at Vidya Setu, students can find all Class 12 Accountancy Book, solution, and other study materials in PDF format. Moreover, Vidya Setu offers DK Goel Class 12 Accountancy Book and TS Grewal Class 12 Accountancy Book. 

Also, students can go to VidyaSetu, the best portal for Class 12 Accounts Online Classes. Additionally, all the content is created by subject matter experts after extensive research.

Since the CBSE Board has reduced the curriculum this year, leading to delayed sessions, NCERT Solutions for Accountancy Class 12th 2021 have been reviewed and revised. Additionally, students must pay careful attention to the study material to achieve excellent results in the 12th Board. 

Accountancy Scoring Strategies

It is critical to practise regularly.
Moreover, accounting is a broad subject that requires a lot of patience and practise. As a result, don’t limit yourself to NCERT textbooks and reference materials. Also, give yourself plenty of time to complete as many questionnaires as possible. Additionally solve, sample, and previous year’s question papers.

Keep a close eye on the theory.
Moreover, the theory portion of accounting explains features, benefits, and drawbacks. Furthermore, do not dismiss them. This is also essential for achieving a high theory score. Yet, memorizing them, is inadequate. As a result, try writing them down.

Understand the concepts
Furthermore, you must comprehend the concept rather than simply memorise it. Because accountancy necessitates problem-solving, students who are well-versed in the concepts can easily achieve good grades. Furthermore, simply memorising the chapters isn’t enough to get a good grade. As a result, concentrate on the clearing concept.

Pay attention to the different formats
Additionally, with the concepts, you should also be incredibly careful of the Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, and Journal Ledger Accounts layouts. If you need to get better marks in accounting, you must also show them in the correct way. As a result, experiment with different drawing formats to improve your precision and quickness. Also, narrations are also extremely important. As a result, don’t overlook them.

Hence, follow these strategies diligently to score high marks in Accountancy. Additionally, Vidya Setu has all the facilities and provisions to help students score high. Moreover, follow your teachers instructions relating to answer solving and presentation.

Vidya Setu’s Online Classes

Vidya Setu, India’s top online platform for students in 11th and 12th, provides free classes online to CBSE students. Moreover, Vidya Setu differs from other web online platforms in the following ways:

Faculty with a lot of experience

Also, the online video is designed and developed by subject experts. Also, the well-experienced academic staff delivers top-notch lectures.

Recorded Video Lectures

Additionally, Vidya Setu online offers superior recorded video lectures. Moreover, it enables students to study at any time and location without complexity.

Study Materials of High Quality

Additionally, Vidya Setu offers comprehensive study material for the preparation of various boards.

Classes for resolving doubts

Moreover, the Vidya Setu offers extra classes to help with the doubt-solving method. Additionally, students could easily have all of their questions answered by specialists and receive a timely response.

Mock Exam Paper Available Online

Also, the regular beginning of mock test papers allows students to practice more. Moreover, students gain self-assurance as a result of these tests.


The NCERT syllabus is designed to focus primarily on the NCERT book itself, making it both student-friendly and useful for competitive exam candidates. Moreover, based on the curriculums of various boards, the book covers detailed accounting in depth. Additionally, the Class 12 Accountancy book is fully compatible with all Indian boards of education and states. Also, students can attend free Accountancy online classes and recorded lectures to understand the issue better.

Moreover, Vidya Setu is also a great place to get NCERT PDFs for Accountancy class 12 and other e-books. Additionally, students can also use it to participate in live sessions and get answers to their questions from subject experts. Also, students are encouraged to learn even more clear their board examinations with excellent grades. 

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