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Trends in fashion designing courses from the top fashion designing colleges in UP

Fashion designing courses

People鈥檚 lives are influenced strongly by the impact of fashion. Fashion designers play a key role in how you perceive the world as they constantly update new trends and expand the taste of people. In this demanding career, designers work in different areas such as textiles, designing, production and planning, marketing and merchandising, styling, fashion buying, quality, and media and communication. This is the reason why fashion design courses from the top fashion designing colleges in UP are considered to be the most challenging and exciting ones.

In the recent past, the garment and textile industries have been booming owing to digital and technological innovation. These modifications have set challenges for fashion educators to train professionals who can face and encounter industrial requirements. Leading players have handled the demands with various interactive industry programs and a totally different tactic towards education.

For example, some universities and top fashion designing colleges in Lucknow are providing tie-ups. Big brands present their students with an opportunity to accomplish their career goals. By engaging them in real-time industrial projects.

This has led them to produce numerous UG, PG, and short-duration programs. Certain institutions are associated closely with the international university network and provide student exchange. Programs wherein students get an opportunity to finish their final year overseas.

The dynamic and changing nature of the fashion sector has evolved from the subject topics of textile, design, retail business, technology, branding, communication, and management.

UG fashion degree programme

A graduate course such as a Bachelors鈥檚 program in arts, design, or fashion is a design-focused and demanding comprehensive program. They provide the aspirants with a good foundation in textiles, fashion illustration, draping, fashion history, clothing construction, drafting, conceptualization, and design practice.

PG degree programmes

Top fashion designing colleges in Lucknow offer the aspirants the opportunity to take up different career pathways such as fashion management, fashion marketing, fashion business administration, fashion communication, technology, and production. These programs with their exclusive curriculum offer students the chance to select their area of interest.

Short term programmes

Specialization or advanced short-term courses such as fashion media, fashion styling. Fashion accessory design, quality control, visual merchandising, costume designing. And fashion photography is the most favored ones amongst students.

These career-focused courses let aspirants carry on with their education for a short time like 1-2 years or just a few months. They let them develop proper professional skills to commence a successful career.

At present, there is good potential in these courses to help fashion designers work in women鈥檚. Men鈥檚, and kid鈥檚 wear categories as illustrators, stylists, journalists, freelancing, or in-house designers.

Several graduates work in the retail industry as merchandisers, buyers, or production managers. Others fancy setting up their fashion label after helping a renowned designer for quite some time.

Which is the best course for fashion designing?

The popular course to become a fashion designer are a bachelor of design in fashion. BSc in fashion design, BA in fashion design along with various other specialization courses. One can also pursue a diploma in fashion design after completing class

What subjects are needed to become a fashion designer?

Here are the major subjects needed for Fashion Designing:

  • 路Pattern Making & Garment Construction.
  • 路Fashion Illustration.
  • 路Elements of Fashion & Design.
  • 路Fashion Ornamentation.
  • 路Fashion Management and Merchandising.
  • 路Computer-Aided Designing (CAD)
  • 路Fashion Marketing.
  • 路Clothing Culture and Communication.

What is the salary in fashion designing?

The starting salary for a fashion designer is INR 1,74,000 per annum. Mid-level salary is INR 3,87,000 per annum and senior-level salary is INR 10,00,000 per annum.

Is Fashion Designing an easy course?

Becoming a fashion designer is not easy as it takes many years to complete the course and then a few years in the industry to find your feet. But it鈥檚 not very difficult either. All you need is to choose and join a fashion design course and continue with it with determination.

How can I become a fashion designer after the 12th?

Top 5 Entrance exams to get admissions to top fashion design colleges in India.

  • 1.NIFT Entrance exam by National Institute of Fashion Technology.
  • 2.NID Entrance exam by the National Institute of Design.
  • 3.DAT entrance exam by MIT Pune.
  • 4.CEED by IIT Bombay.
  • 5.UCEED by IIT Bombay.

Do you need maths for fashion design?

No, maths is not required for the fashion designing course as students of fashion courses are taught details. About drawing and computer-aided design programs so that they can illustrate their innovative designs. And creativity in the best possible manner.


Pursuing fashion design from the top fashion designing colleges in UP will offer you various challenging and unique career options. You will have insight into how the industry operates commercially and the expert qualities that you require to endure in this spirited but exhilarating career. Constant improvement is the key. You must stay creative in the approach, explore alternatives, develop critical thinking, and be acquainted with how to translate and communicate your designs into reality.

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